By Va­len­ti­na Rag­gi and Fi­lip­po Ro­meo – wi­th Pie­ra Bel­lo­ni

Neo­clas­si­cal is the fu­tu­re — p. 56

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Greek and Ro­man ae­sthe­tics are co­ming back into fa­shion: in hau­te cou­tu­re, in the world of de­si­gn, in art, eve­ry­whe­re. For a col­lec­ti­ve return of gol­den forms and cha­rac­te­ri­stic an­cient ele­men­ts in an avant- gar­de key In the Du­veen Gal­le­ries, the neo­clas­si­cal heart of the Ta­te Bri­tain in Lon­don, from mor­ning to night, dan­cers mo­ve th­rou­gh the vi­si­tors wi­th the steps of a Re­nais­san­ce dan­ce and a 1980s look in the si­te- spe­ci­fic per­for­man­ce ‘ Hi­sto­ri­cal Dan­ces in an An­ti­que Set­ting’ ( on un­til 9/ 10) by Pa­blo Bron­stein. Ju­st a few steps that blend to­ge­ther a fa­ra­way pa­st and bold new ele­men­ts, fo­cu­sing on the la­te­st phe­no­me­non: the co­me­back of the clas­si­cal world. The la­te­st sty­le ap­pears not to ha­ve its eye on the fu­tu­re, but in­stead be in­tent on fi­shing in an­ti­qui­ty to cat­ch trig­gers from the pa­st and give them a new mea­ning. The­re are ma­ny exam­ples, from the Post­mo­dern age on­wards, pre­viewed by the Mu­seum of the Acro­po­lis of Athens by Swiss de­si­gner Ber­nard Tschu­mi, an ul­tra- con­tem­po­ra­ry shell used to hou­se pie­ces of the Par­the­non. A pie­ce of the pa­st is ta­ken and im­mer­sed in a mo­dern- day con­text: the re­sult is a mix­tu­re

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