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The young so­loi­st — p. 85

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On the fir­st floor of a 1930s buil­ding, the stu­dio of Fe­de­ri­co Pe­ri: an in­te­rior de­si­gner de­vo­ted to art. His pie­ces? Tri­bu­tes to Scar­pa, Al­bi­ni and Bor­sa­ni Mi­lan, pe­riod interiors. In a 1930s buil­ding, the 60m2 of Fe­de­ri­co Pe­ri’s new stu­dio: whi­te walls, lights and jazz mu­sic. The young thir­ty- year- old is a de­si­gner wi­th so­phi­sti­ca­ted crea­ti­ve flair. He op­ts for trea­ted me­tals, whi­ch he com­bi­nes wi­th wood, glass and lea­ther, all eter­nal ma­te­rials in their au­then­ti­ci­ty. He ex­plo­res mo­ve­ment, bo­th phy­si­cal and men­tal, whi­ch ena­bles him to shift ob­jec­ts th­rou­gh spa­ce and ti­me. Ni­na Ya­shar, or ‘ Mrs. Ni­lu­far’, fell in lo­ve wi­th his work: “She has asked me for a hun­dred or so pie­ces”. Scaf­fa­le d’Ar­te, Bi­blio­te­ca Iti­ne­ran­te and Li­ving Chair, ex­pe­ri­men­ts car­ried out in­de­pen­den­tly, are mi­cro li­ving cells that en­com­pass se­ve­ral func­tions: the fir­st is an evol­ved de­sk, ma­de up of a se­ries of shel­ves and com­ple­te wi­th a light; the se­cond a sort of think tank for con­tem­pla­tion; the third, a ful­ly equip­ped loun­ger. The lat­ter re­coun­ts his great pas­sion for mi­xing ma­te­rials: “Iron fra­me, red clo­th seat, shelf in glass and mar­ble pen hol­der”. The Sha­pes pen­dant lamps and Anel­lo ta­bles, in­stead, ex­plo­re the po­ten­tial of the bron­ze fi­ni­sh that con­ver­ses wi­th the glass. As well as the ta­ble in bur­ni­shed brass wi­th top in Au­ri­si­na Lu­ma­chel­la mar­ble, a sto­ne ri­ch in mi­ne­rals found on the bor­der wi­th Slo­ve­nia. The pre­sent fu­tu­re? The ope­ning of the Ate­lier du Pain, a Fren­ch ba­ke­ry in the heart of Mi­lan. — www. fe­de­ri­co­pe­ri. com

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