By Hel­le Wal­sted — pho­tos by Wi­ch­mann + Bend­tsen Pho­to­gra­phy in­ter­view by Ro­sa­ria Zuc­co­ni

Li­mi­ted edi­tion — p. 164

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Vin­cen­zo and Clau­dia de Co­tiis in their splen­did ho­me in Mi­lan. A per­fect fra­me en­com­pas­sing all the beau­ti­ful things col­lec­ted and de­si­gned by a de­si­gner ar­ti­st It is a ma­gi­cal mo­ment for Vin­cen­zo de Co­tiis. In the field of art de­si­gn, he is get­ting a ta­ste of the free­dom to ex­press him­self as a pu­re ar­ti­st th­rou­gh ob­jec­ts sought af­ter by gal­le­ries from all over the world. We meet him in his ho­me in Mi­lan. Let’s talk about the Pop Nou­veau col­lec­tion. It is fruit of the mix­tu­re of the two mo­ve­men­ts. It is Pop in the choi­ce of the ma­te­rials, whi­ch are raw yet not meant to ex­press a clas­si­cal ele­gan­ce, and it is Art Nou­veau for its soft forms, its co­lours and tex­tu­res, its sym­bo­li­sm. Plans for the fu­tu­re? My fir­st so­lo ex­hi­bi­tion at the Car­pen­ters Work­shop Gal­le­ry in Lon­don from 3 Oc­to­ber to 16 De­cem­ber. Wi­th a se­lec­tion of pie­ces again lin­ked to Pop Nou­veau, su­ch as pa­nel- rugs in a non- fa­bric, ri­gid material and lamps that go beyond their func­tion as il­lu­mi­na­ting ob­jec­ts to become a sym­bo­lic ge­stu­re. How do you see de­co­ra­tion? I see de­co­ra­tion as the ex­pres­sion of free crea­ti­vi­ty, in the sa­me way as art, mu­sic, li­te­ra­tu­re. And as part of history. What are your ru­les? I am mo­re in a be­lie­ver in shif­ting boun­da­ries: I want to feel free to ex­pe­ri­ment. Your work ta­kes you all over the world, but whe­re would you li­ke to li­ve? In Lon­don, whi­ch I am re­di­sco­ve­ring, ha­ving lo­ved it when I was a young man, and in New York, to ab­sorb its ener­gy. Ten years af­ter its crea­tion, how do you now per­cei­ve your brand Pro­get­to Do­me­sti­co? A suc­cess won th­rou­gh per­se­ve­ran­ce, the point of ar­ri­val of an all- per­so­nal vi­sion of de­si­gn, nur­tu­red for a long ti­me. To­day I feel luc­ky. I can do on­ly what I feel.

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