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In Ant­werp, on the top floor of a buil­ding de­si­gned by Da­vid Chip­per­field, the Pen­thou­se de­si­gned by the bel­gian ar­chi­tect Hans Ver­stuyft. Bet­ween mi­ni­ma­li­sm and at­mo­sphe­re To­day, Het Ei­lan­d­je, the in­du­strial port area nor­th of Ant­werp, is a vi­brant, mo­dern nei­gh­bou­rhood, wi­th new pu­blic buil­dings su­ch as the MAS, the ico­nic ci­ty mu­seum, the Port Hou­se de­si­gned by ar­chi­tect Za­ha Ha­did and the fi­ve re­si­den­tial to­wers by Kat­ten­di­j­k­dok, two of whi­ch we­re de­si­gned by Da­vid Chip­per­field. It is right he­re that a pro­fes­sio­nal cou­ple from Ant­werp bought a pen­thou­se on the top floor. “We im­me­dia­te­ly fell in lo­ve wi­th the lo­ca­tion and views”, the ho­meo­w­ners tell us. “For the in­te­rior de­si­gn, we ga­ve car­te blan­che to the ar­chi­tect Hans Ver­stuyft. We li­ke to call him a ‘ spa­ce ar­ti­st’ due to his abi­li­ty to bring out the uni­que na­tu­re of ea­ch pla­ce”. The Bel­gian de­si­gner tells us that he star­ted out from the vo­lu­me and its qua­li­ties. “Inside the open spa­ce, I ima­gi­ned put­ting fi­ve lar­ge bo­xes for the in­di­vi­dual en­vi­ron­men­ts and ser­vi­ce areas de­fi­ned by cu­p­board uni­ts and sli­ding doors”. The mi­ni­ma­li­sm de­si­gned by Hans Ver­stuyft does not trans­la­te into cold, eva­ne­scent so­lu­tions, but has as its ob­jec­ti­ve the crea­tion of a de­ci­ded­ly wel­co­ming ho­me. The pain­sta­king choi­ce of de­tails and ma­te­rials, the pa­let­te of neu­tral and bright co­lours, the great sim­pli­ci­ty of the fur­ni­shings, all played a key ro­le. Abo­ve all in crea­ting the ideal set­ting for the ow­ners’ con­tem­po­ra­ry art­work.

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