By Mar­ti­na Hun­glin­ger — pho­tos by Mads Mo­gen­sen words by Fla­via Gior­gi

Green dream — p. 206

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A coun­try re­si­den­ce is ho­me to an in­no­va­ti­ve pain­ted gar­den. The work of an ar­ti­st who has blen­ded in­door and out­door in a sin­gle, fan­ta­sti­cal land­sca­pe The Chateau de Beau­voir is dif­fe­rent from other ca­stles. A wo­man of vi­sion, Clai­re Ba­sler was not con­tent to set up her stu­dio be­nea­th the vaul­ted cei­ling of the log­gia: she has ta­ken over eve­ry room. She left be­hind her can­va­ses, a use­less me­dium ever sin­ce she found the ideal di­men­sion for her land­sca­pe art: the en­ti­re wall. “Su­ch lar­ge sur­fa­ces al­low spon­ta­nei­ty and free­dom. It’s ex­ci­ting how dif­fe­rent ex­pres­si­ve pos­si­bi­li­ties of pain­ting when it’s blown up on a lar­ge sca­le ra­ther than con­fi­ned wi­thin a fra­me. It’s as thou­gh the rooms co­me to li­fe”. Li­fe is al­so what Clai­re and her part­ner Pier­re ha­ve re­sto­red to the ca­stle as a who­le, whi­ch was in a cri­ti­cal con­di­tion when they took it over. The pain­ting pro­ject star­ted off ti­mid­ly, by re­sto­ring and brin­ging out the ori­gi­nal co­lours of the walls. Vi­si­tors to the ma­nor hou­se re­li­sh this im­mer­si­ve ex­pe­rien­ce among fra­gi­le Asian blooms, Nor­dic tree trunks or the mor­ning mists of equa­to­rial rain­fo­rests… The fur­ni­tu­re is spar­se, com­bi­ning in­du­strial de­si­gn and classic vin­ta­ge pie­ces, for a con­tem­po­ra­ry sty­le. The­re’s no shor­ta­ge of iro­nic tou­ches and play­ful cross re­fe­ren­ces too, su­ch as the la­te­st lamps by the Bou­roul­lec bro­thers. The next step, so­me pre­dict, is that Clai­re will one day paint the lea­ves upon the trees.

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