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Trai­ning pit­ches de­si­gned by big na­mes in ar­chi­tec­tu­re, fur­ni­tu­re in­spi­red by gym equi­p­ment, yo­ga ma­ts on the cat­walk and per­so­nal trai­ner wat­ches. Crea­ti­vi­ty fle­xes its mu­scles, li­fe is one big gym Fle­xing your mu­scles to­day is a col­lec­ti­ve at­ti­tu­de. Fa­shion, tech­no­lo­gy and art show off by bor­ro­wing ma­te­rials, tech­ni­ques and forms from the world of sport, whi­le the fit­ness world aspi­res to en­te­ring the lu­xu­ry uni­ver­se. Wi­th ‘ Un­li­mi­ted You’, Ni­ke has crea­ted a pop- up gym in Lon­don for just two days wi­th in­stal­la­tions that en­cou­ra­ge bo­dy and mind to trans­cend all li­mi­ts. And fa­mous ar­chi­tec­ts are draf­ted in to de­si­gn sports cen­tres. BIG has just won the Aga Khan Award for Ar­chi­tec­tu­re wi­th Su­per­ki­len, an out­door sports park in Co­pe­n­ha­gen. To­day, the athle­tic ap­proa­ch even in­spi­res con­tem­po­ra­ry art and the de­si­gn world wi­th hi­gh im­pact re­sul­ts. Da­niel Ar­sham ( from the Snar­ki­tec­tu­re duo) has in­va­ded Ga­le­rie Per­ro­tin in New York wi­th an in­stal­la­tion of Spal­ding balls and other sports ac­ces­so­ries. Whi­le the Mu­seion in Bol­za­no is ho­me to ‘ Up’, the fir­st so­lo Ita­lian ex­hi­bi­tion by the Ger­man Ju­di­th Ho­pf, who re­crea­tes ico­nic eve­ry­day ob­jec­ts in bricks, a wit­ty cri­ti­ci­sm of what is a so­cie­ty in con­stant mo­ve­ment. The in­te­rior de­si­gn brings the ty­pi­cal forms of gym equi­p­ment to domestic sce­na­rios: lights ma­de li­ke ar­ti­stic gym­na­stic rings by Lee Broom, weights in dif­fe­rent ma­te­rials by Sa­ra Ric­ciar­di, the mar­ble ten­nis ta­ble by Mur­ray Bar­ker and Lai­th McG­re­gor. On the go, smart tech­no­lo­gy means you can train any­whe­re. No­vel­ties in­clu­de the Ra­dar Pa­ce glas­ses by Oa­kley, the Ap­ple Wat­ch Ni­ke+ and Fu­ro­shi­ki snea­kers by Vi­bram whi­ch can be rol­led up and used whe­ne­ver the op­por­tu­ni­ty ari­ses. No mo­re ex­cu­ses for not ta­king exer­ci­se.

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