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At the new si­te of the Lon­don De­si­gn Mu­seum for a pre­view tour. Awai­ting the ope­ning on 24 No­vem­ber. Our ex­cep­tio­nal gui­des: Deyan Su­d­jic and John Pa­w­son De­si­gning the void: it is from this as­sump­tion that the con­cept for the new si­te of the Lon­don De­si­gn Mu­seum by Deyan Su­d­jic, whi­ch opens on 24 No­vem­ber at 238 Ken­sing­ton Hi­gh Street, ca­me about. A challenge that the di­rec­tor of what will be­co­me the lar­ge­st de­si­gn mu­seum in the world th­rew do­wn to ar­chi­tect John Pa­w­son. His in­ter­ven­tion re­vol­ves around the lar­ge cen­tral atrium, co­ve­red by hy­per­bo­lic pa­ra­bo­loid roof, sup­por­ted by stur­dy rein­for­ced con­cre­te but­tres­ses. 10,340 squa­re me­tres ha­ve been crea­ted inside this buil­ding from 1962, unu­sed for ten years. “We ha­ve mo­ved to a mo­re cen­tral area of Lon­don, to in­ter­cept the flow of new vi­si­tors”, ex­plains Su­d­jic. Pa­w­son’s in­ter­ven­tion is con­ser­va­ti­ve in na­tu­re: it does not di­stort the es­sen­ce of the ar­chi­tec­tu­ral ar­te­fact. “In the pa­st, this buil­ding was cal­led ‘ the tent in the park’. So I played wi­th the me­mo­ry and ma­de two si­des of the buil­ding trans­pa­rent, li­ke a cur­tain ope­ning on­to the gree­ne­ry”. The fir­st floor is ho­me to the Sac­kler Li­bra­ry, the ar­chi­ve and the cen­tre of the Swaro­v­ski Foun­da­tion. On the se­cond floor we find the re­stau­rant de­si­gned by Bar­ber& Osger­by, the stu­dio for de­si­gners in re­si­den­ce and 652 m de­di­ca­ted to the per­ma­nent ex­hi­bi­tion. “We fo­cus on th­ree ty­pes of cul­tu­ral of­fer”, spe­ci­fies the di­rec­tor. “The per­ma­nent ex­hi­bi­tion en­ti­tled ‘ De­si­gner Ma­ker User’ has been joi­ned by one de­di­ca­ted to the 200 pie­ces se­lec­ted by our on­li­ne fol­lo­wers. We ha­ve ad­ded six other tem­po­ra­ry pay­ing ex­hi­bi­tions.” Ea­ch of­fers a spe­ci­fic point of view of the di­sci­pli­ne. For Su­d­jic, de­si­gn can be as­so­cia­ted

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