By Pao­la Ca­ri­ma­ti — pho­tos Ste­fa­nia Gior­gi

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Still in their twen­ties, they’re al­rea­dy wor­king wi­th top Ita­lian brands. We meet Za­nel­la­to/ Bor­tot­to at their new stu­dio in Tre­vi­so. Whe­re ten­sions run hi­gh, but team work wins out Their pa­st stu­dies and pro­fes­sio­nal ap­proa­ch com­ple­ment ea­ch other; she is mo­re se­ve­re, he is sof­ter. We’re tal­king about Gior­gia Za­nel­la­to and Da­nie­le Bor­tot­to, young de­si­gners who af­ter just th­ree years wor­king to­ge­ther, laun­ched their own stu­dio in Tre­vi­so. Af­ter a fir­st de­gree at the IUAV in Ve­ni­ce, the two mo­ved to Lau­san­ne, and en­rol­led at ECAL. “Ac­qua Al­ta was a ran­ge of fa­brics, fra­gran­ces and dif­fu­sers in­spi­red by the La­goon and our sen­se of no­stal­gia”. This pro­ject kic­ked off a me­ta­pho­ri­cal jour­ney around the ci­ties of Ita­ly, see­king pro­duc­ti­ve sy­ner­gies. “We re­mai­ned in Ve­ni­ce wi­th our La Se­re­nis­si­ma se­ries for Mo­ro­so, si­de ta­bles and chairs in­spi­red by the wal­k­ways over the ca­nals”. Next stop was Tu­rin, “the source of our out­door car­pe­ts in glass, mar­ble and fle­xi­ble re­sin, whi­ch de­pict the fa­ca­des of the Ma­da­ma, Rea­le and Ca­ri­gna­no pa­laz­zos”. The sa­me pro­ject, la­ter en­gi­nee­red wi­th Cap­pel­li­ni, leads us to Mi­lan, wi­th a new ver­sion re­pro­du­cing the faça­de of the Aren­ga­rio buil­ding. From the­re, to the ca­pi­tal. “We de­si­gned ‘ Tut­te le stra­de por­ta­no a Ro­ma’ – pa­per­weights ma­de using ty­pi­cal­ly Ro­man cob­ble­sto­nes – for the Lo­cal Icons ex­hi­bi­tion, wi­th Al­can­ta­ra”. From the ci­ty to the web, the stu­dio turns from a lo­cal to glo­bal ou­tlook. “Wi­th our Win­dow Mir­ror lamp for the ‘ Un­read Mes­sa­ges’ event at Aram Gal­le­ry in Lon­don, we map the ti­me spent on so­cial net­works”. www. za­nel­la­to­bor­tot­to. com

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