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A trip to the new Tai­pei, the ca­pi­tal of Tai­wan, whi­ch has un­der­go­ne a ra­di­cal tran­sfor­ma­tion in the pa­st 30 years, whi­le main­tai­ning its tra­di­tions among sky­scra­pers, parks and cy­cle pa­ths Tai­wan is a 13- hour flight from Eu­ro­pe, but so­me­thing uni­que awai­ts tra­vel­lers lan­ding in Tai­pei: a ra­pid­ly- de­ve­lo­ping me­ga­lo­po­lis that of­fers plen­ty of lar­ge green spa­ces. Ci­ty­sca­pe. Tai­pei 101 stands out on the ci­ty’s sky­li­ne and is the fif­th tal­le­st buil­ding in the world. De­si­gned to be ear­th­qua­ke- proof, the land­mark is vi­si­ble from eve­ry di­strict. Among the­se, one of the ol­de­st is Trea­su­re Hill: he­re, blue col­lar wor­kers’ hou­ses ha­ve been tur­ned into stu­dios for young ar­tists. Mea­n­whi­le, Xi­nyi, one of the ci­ty’s mo­re re­cent nei­gh­bou­rhoods, is ho­me to go­vern­ment of­fi­ces and has a co­smo­po­li­tan feel. Bars& Re­stau­ran­ts. One of the mo­st cha­rac­te­ri­stic bars, and a tren­dy mee­ting pla­ce, is Tan­do­le, per­fect for sam­pling tra­di­tio­nal di­shes at lun­ch­ti­me. The pla­ce to be for din­ner is Raw, in the new area nor­th of the Kee­lung ri­ver, in a new buil­ding de­si­gned by Ca­miel Wei­jen­berg. Chef An­dré Chiang’s “bi­stro­no­my cui­si­ne” pre­sen­ts hau­te cui­si­ne of rea­so­na­bly- pri­ced sea­so­nal di­shes. Ho­tels. One of the ci­ty’s mo­st fa­mous, the Grand Ho­tel, is an im­po­sing buil­ding in clas­si­cal Chi­ne­se sty­le, built in the 1970s. At the heart of the Cul­tu­ral & Crea­ti­ve Park, the Esli­te Ho­tel of­fers a fit­ness cen­tre, two so­phi­sti­ca­ted re­stau­ran­ts and a li­bra­ry/ loun­ge. De­si­gn, shop­ping and cul­tu­re. Ano­ther trend in the ci­ty’s de­ve­lo­p­ment is the so- cal­led crea­ti­ve parks. For exam­ple, Song­shan, built on the area of a for­mer to­bac­co fac­to­ry. The in­du­strial- he­ri­ta­ge buil­dings ha­ve been ca­re­ful­ly re­sto­red and now hou­se the Tai­wan De­si­gn Mu­seum, set amid­st a lar­ge, lea­fy park. The smal­ler Hua­shan 1914 was ori­gi­nal­ly a ri­ce wi­ne and li­quor fac­to­ry. In Fe­brua­ry 2016, the ‘ Up­si­de Do­wn Hou­se’ was built the­re, wi­th rooms tur­ned on their heads: a fun­ky buil­ding that’s be­co­me the ci­ty’s mo­st In­sta­gram­med at­trac­tion.

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