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Con­tem­po­ra­ry art, de­si­gn and ar­chi­tec­tu­re li­ve in har­mo­ny to­ge­ther in an art col­lec­tor’s hou­se in Chel­sea. Wi­th an in­te­rior de­si­gn pro­ject by Allegra Hicks, who brings in­stal­la­tions and dé­cor into dia­lo­gue to­ge­ther Lon­don. In a quiet street in Chel­sea, we di­sco­ver an amazing hou­se be­lon­ging to an art col­lec­tor. It’s a uni­que ho­me in its pro­por­tions, si­ze, and in the pre­sen­ce of stri­king works of art in dia­lo­gue wi­th a col­lec­tion of In­dian art and col­lec­tor’s de­si­gn pie­ces. Tex­ti­les de­si­gner and in­te­rior de­co­ra­tor Allegra Hicks has in­ter­pre­ted the in­te­riors in her own ini­mi­ta­ble sty­le, and her tou­ch is im­prin­ted on the spa­ces de­si­gned by To­ny Fret­ton, a ma­ster of En­gli­sh ar­chi­tec­tu­re. The hall opens on­to a green pa­tio whi­ch the kitchen and di­ning area al­so look on­to. Then, al­mo­st unex­pec­ted­ly, the­re’s the hu­ge li­ving- room, lit by glass sec­tions in the cei­ling. At the end, a trans­pa­rent wall al­lo­ws the gar­den to en­ter the hou­se. The ma­te­rials are neu­tral, from the light sto­ne that de­fi­nes the pa­ving, to the steel of the door and win­dow fra­mes. Allegra Hicks has brought her own pa­let­te of co­lours, the wea­ves of her rugs and fa­brics, and the ele­gan­ce in the jux­ta­po­si­tion of pie­ces of fur­ni­tu­re of dif­fe­rent styles and ori­gins. For this spa­ce she has de­si­gned a lar­ge wool rug, a sin­gle pie­ce on whi­ch she has ar­ran­ged 1960s so­fas, me­tal si­de ta­bles and arm­chairs. Fi­ne pie­ces of In­dian art are ar­ran­ged on a long whi­te ta­ble, whi­le a work by Ger­man ar­ti­st Die­ter Roth hangs on the wall, con­ti­nuing the re­la­tion­ship bet­ween an­cient and mo­dern. And then the­re are the works by hi­sto­ric ma­sters of de­si­gn, wi­th fur­ni­tu­re by Geor­ge Na­ka­shi­ma, An­ge­lo Man­gia­rot­ti and Gio Pon­ti. The har­mo­ny in the fur­ni­shings, fa­brics and co­lours con­ti­nues in the night zo­ne,

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