The gold ex­pe­rien­ce — p. 24

The gold ex­pe­rien­ce — p. 24

ELLE Decor (Italy) - - English Text - By Va­len­ti­na Rag­gi and Fi­lip­po Ro­meo

Glit­te­ring bru­sh­stro­kes add co­lour to this spe­cial pe­riod. From gla­mo­rous de­tails to the grand lo­ca­tions of cul­tu­re, our gold hunt wi­th ideas for trips and gif­ts This ti­me round, all that glit­ters is in fact gold. Af­ter years of re­luc­tant un­der­sta­te­ment, gold is well and tru­ly back in the li­me­light. In Mon­treal, Hen­ri Clein­ge tran­sforms an old bank in­to an of­fi­ce- ca­fe, whi­le Do­mi­ni­que Per­rault has ju­st fi­ni­shed re­sto­ring Pa­vi­lion Du­four, the en­tran­ceway to Châ­teau Ver­sail­les, wi­th ca­fé and au­di­to­rium. “De­co­ra­tions and fur­ni­shings cu­stom- de­si­gned for the lo­ca­tion com­bi­ne va­rious ma­te­rials to crea­te a lu­xu­rious ca­meo” ex­plains the ar­chi­tect. And the la­st am­bi­tious de­si­gn crea­ted by Za­ha Ha­did al­so shi­nes bright: the ex­ten­sion of the hea­d­quar­ters of the port of Ant­werp, a jewel that be­co­mes gol­den in the sun­light at du­sk. In Am­ster­dam, the new W Ho­tel is pla­ted in gold, from the ba­th tubs to the walls. The AMO­RE flag­ship sto­re of the Sul­wha­soo co­sme­tics brand in Seoul, by Ne­ri & Hu, fea­tu­res a struc­tu­re ma­de of gold grills. And even Ai Wei­wei has suc­cum­bed to the Mi­das tou­ch, de­si­gning jewel­le­ry for Eli­sa­bet­ta Ci­pria­ni for the ve­ry fir­st ti­me. Then, on the su­b­ject of grand din­ners and ra­ri­ties, food has al­so don­ned its fi­ne­st gold ro­bes. You could re­pli­ca­te the si­gna­tu­re di­sh of Gual­tie­ro Mar­che­si, saf­fron and gold ri­sot­to, but can al­so ea­si­ly find ti­ny edi­ble ca­deaux that gli­sten, from My­st ex­tra vir­gin oli­ve oil to Maî­tre Choux cho­co­la­tes. Then the­re is de­si­gner Ma­thieu Le­han­neur who, in his Pa­ri­sian re­stau­rant No­glu, crea­tes a pas­sa­geway in the form of a grot­to and adds gol­den pa­nels and fur­ni­shings in his own tou­ch of “con­tem­pla­tion- in­du­cing de­si­gn”. But it is pro­duct de­si­gn that is the fir­st pa­st the po­st: New York de­si­gner Lind­sey Adel­man is fa­mous for using pla­ti­num and gold in her won­der­ful lamps. Fel­low New Yor­ker Sa­muel Amo­ia ex­plains that “so­me ma­te­rials ne­ver go out of fa­shion be­cau­se they ha­ve a

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