By Hel­le Wal­sted — pho­tos by Wi­ch­mann + Bend­tsen Pho­to­gra­phy words by Ka­rin Grå­bæk and Fla­via Gior­gi

Fif­ties in co­lour — p. 75

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Hin­ts of vin­ta­ge de­si­gn, co­lour sen­si­ti­vi­ty and a ta­ste for de­co­ra­tion ma­ke Oli­ver Jo­han­sen’s ho­me spe­cial. The le­ga­cy of a stay in Ita­ly chan­ges the fa­ce of a hou­se in Den­mark “I find the mi­ni­ma­li­sm that marks Scan­di­na­vian sty­le bo­ring, li­ke the stan­dard black and whi­te: per­fect pe­rhaps, but ba­nal”, ex­plains Oli­ver Jo­han­sen, who a few years ago left his apart­ment in Co­pe­n­ha­gen to mo­ve to Ita­ly. He la­ter re­tur­ned to li­ve the­re wi­th his th­ree chil­dren, choo­sing a 1920s vil­la: vaul­ted cei­lings, cop­per roof, hi­gh win­do­ws and lar­ge por­tho­les. All wi­th an au­ra of the bold, unex­pec­ted Art Dé­co that im­pres­sed him in Ita­ly. Loo­king af­ter the re­no­va­tion and lay­out of the in­te­riors are Ti­na Sei­den­fa­den Bu­sck and her al­ly and sty­li­st Sti­ne Lang­vad from The Apart­ment Co­pe­n­ha­gen. A so­phi­sti­ca­ted mix of ma­te­rials is achie­ved th­rou­gh shi­ny sur­fa­ces and soft

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