By Sil­via Fan­ti­cel­li — pho­tos by Ro­bert Hol­den

Mar­ra­ke­sh ti­me — p. 100

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Eu­ro­pe and Afri­ca pul­sa­te in the heart of the Red Ci­ty, an in­ter­na­tio­nal cros­sroads for ar­tists, in­tel­lec­tuals and de­si­gners. Un­vei­led for the fir­st ti­me, the fa­ce of a rea­li­ty that ne­ver cea­ses to ama­ze even the mo­st de­man­ding vi­si­tor They say that Mar­ra­ke­sh is too Eu­ro­pean to be con­si­de­red an Afri­can ci­ty, yet too eth­ni­cal to ma­ke its mark on art and Eu­ro­pean cul­tu­re. Ho­tels and riads. A stay in a riad, a tra­di­tio­nal hou­se tran­sfor­med in­to a bed and break­fa­st, is es­sen­tial. And for re­la­xa­tion ou­tsi­de the chaos of the me­di­na, Man­da­rin Orien­tal has ope­ned its fir­st ho­tel in Afri­can ter­ri­to­ry. Re­stau­ran­ts and bars. In­si­de the Man­da­rin Orien­tal, din­ner is a mu­st in the Mes’Lal­la re­stau­rant. Fu­sion cui­si­ne can be sam­pled at Le Jar­din, in the al­leys of the me­di­na. En­joy a view of the souks from the ter­ra­ce of No­mad, whi­ch of­fers dif­fe­rent me­nus eve­ry day. The by­go­ne charm of Grand Ca­fé de la Po­ste is ir­re­si­sti­ble for a cock­tail at the end of the day. De­si­gn & Fa­shion. The fir­st and lar­ge­st con­cept sto­re in the ci­ty, 33 Ma­jo­rel­le, is al­ways wor­th a vi­sit. Artsi Ifra­ch of­fers pre­cious one- off gar­men­ts, ma­de from old re­cy­cled fa­brics, in its sho­pa­te­lier Art/ C, wi­th fa­bu­lous caf­tans by No­rya Ay­ron. The young Sou­fia­ne Za­rib di­splays unex­pec­ted Ber­ber rugs in his new sho­w­room. Gal­le­ries and ar­tists. Built as an in­du­strial di­strict, Si­di Gha­nem is ho­me to ele­gant sho­w­rooms and gal­le­ries. Ju­lien De­li­gne in his work­shop Ga­le­rie ADN ma­kes fur­ni­tu­re using smel­ted glass, mar­ble po­w­der and acid- et­ched me­tals. Clo­ser to the cen­tre, the Da­vid Blo­ch Gal­le­ry and the Ga­le­rie 127 of­fer so­lo ex­hi­bi­tions by in­ter­na­tio­nal ar­tists. Mu­seums and gar­dens. Mu­st- vi­si­ts in­clu­de the Mai­son de la Pho­to­gra­phie and the Jar­din Ma­jo­rel­le, whe­re the de­si­gner Yves Saint Lau­rent had his old Mo­roc­can re­si­den­ce and whe­re a mu­seum in his me­mo­ry, the mYSLm, will be erec­ted near­by in au­tumn 2017. Hid­den pla­ces. La Fa­mil­le, a small or­ga­nic re­stau­rant in­si­de a gar­den of palm trees, and Le 18, a de­li­cious cul­tu­ral cen­tre wi­th so­me rooms re­ser­ved for ar­tists. It is wor­th ha­ving one of the lo­cal gui­des ta­ke you around the ci­ty, and it is ni­ce to “get lo­st” in its al­ley­ways.

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