Pho­tos by An­drea Fer­ra­ri — text by Pao­la Ca­ri­ma­ti

Lun­ch Break — p. 85

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In Ro­me, in­si­de the Pa­laz­zo del­la Ci­vil­tà Ita­lia­na, a new con­cept of the com­pa­ny can­teen: a bi­stro re­ser­ved ex­clu­si­ve­ly for the em­ployees, cu­sto­mers and guests of the hou­se of Fen­di. Whe­re you can en­joy a meal sur­roun­ded by beauty The Fen­di Caf­fè, whi­ch has ju­st ope­ned in­si­de the Pa­laz­zo del­la Ci­vil­tà Ita­lia­na, is ex­clu­si­ve­ly de­di­ca­ted to the em­ployees, cu­sto­mers and guests of Fen­di. Open all day, it was de­si­gned wi­th one pur­po­se in mind: to fo­ster sy­ner­gic mee­tings bet­ween all tho­se who col­la­bo­ra­te wi­thin and wi­th the brand. He­re, not on­ly can pa­trons ha­ve lun­ch, pe­rhaps even wi­th a ve­gan me­nu, but they can al­so set­tle do­wn and read a book. But let’s try and ima­gi­ne going in­si­de and ta­king a look. A hall­way fea­tu­ring walls stud­ded wi­th pho­tos of Karl La­ger­field ta­kes us in­to the bar area. From he­re, our ga­ze sweeps to­wards the li­bra­ry, wi­th its lar­ge raw ta­bles by Con­tro­pro­get­to. We ta­ke a sharp turn to the right, dra­wn to the bras­se­rie wi­th a slightly re­tro feel, fea­tu­ring so­fas in blue vel­vet, in­du­strial lamps and round ta­bles wi­th tex­tu­red tops by Hein Eek. At the cen­tre of a squa­re island in re­clai­med wood, the di­gi­tal tree USB char­ger by Boc­ci. The Zin Bar, in gal­va­ni­zed sheet me­tal, ends our tour. From de­si­gn to pa­la­te: even the kit­chen is fre­sh and ori­gi­nal. Ju­st li­ke the con­cept of this pla­ce.

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