Pho­tos by An­ni­ca Eklund — text by Fran­ce­sca Be­ne­det­to

The Swe­di­sh mir­ror — p. 91

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On la­ke Åsun­den, the gue­sthou­se of the Eklund si­sters, heirs of a le­gen­da­ry brand. Whe­re the fa­mi­ly DNA is re­flec­ted in the va­lues of the com­pa­ny, bet­ween their lo­ve of na­tu­re and their pas­sion for the cult of ho­spi­ta­li­ty Björ­kud­den. We are in Swe­den, in the coun­try­si­de sur­roun­ding La­ke Åsun­den, on the ed­ge of a fo­re­st of whi­te- cap­ped co­ni­fers. The win­do­ws of the La­ke Hou­se, as its ow­ner has re­na­med it, are lit up for the fe­sti­ve sea­son. An­ni­ca and Ma­rie Eklund, the two si­sters at the helm of the com­pa­ny Bo­lon ha­ve bought a vil­la and tran­sfor­med it in­to the fa­mi­ly’s fir­st gue­st hou­se. The sto­ry of Bo­lon be­gan mo­re than six­ty years ago in Stoc­kholm, thanks to the in­tui­tion of Nil- Erik Eklund, who be­gan pro­du­cing rugs wo­ven using the scraps ge­ne­ra­ted du­ring tex­ti­le

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