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ELLE Decor (Italy) - - English Text - A de­si­gn that brings food pre­pa­ra­tion back to the heart of

He­re are our no­mi­na­tions for the 13 ca­te­go­ries com­pe­ting for the pri­ze from the net­work con­si­sting of 25 edi­tions around the world. From de­si­gner of the year to ta­lent of the fu­tu­re, pas­sing th­rou­gh all forms of de­si­gn. The fir­st pha­se of EDIDA, the El­le De­co In­ter­na­tio­nal De­si­gn Awards, is un­der­way DE­SI­GNER OF THE YEAR For­ma­fan­ta­sma/ Mil­len­nial Got Ta­lent. Si­mo­ne Far­re­sin and An­drea Tri­mar­chi, born in 1980 and 1983 re­spec­ti­ve­ly, are uni­que on the in­ter­na­tio­nal de­si­gn sce­ne. The la­te­st works pre­sen­ted wi­th the gal­le­ries Giu­sti­ni/ Sta­get­ti in Ro­me and Peep- Ho­le in Mi­lan are the pro­ta­go­nists of a jour­ney whi­ch, from ex­pe­ri­men­ting in li­mi­ted edi­tion, is hea­ding to­wards in­du­strial pro­duc­tion. The Del­ta lights, fur­ni­shings and ca­bi­ne­ts are exam­ples: a col­lec­tion that goes beyond the li­mi­ts of the sin­gle pie­ce to be­co­me po­ten­tial­ly re­pro­du­ci­ble in se­ries. No won­der then, that the pro­jec­ts pre­sen­ted in the si­te- spe­ci­fic ex­hi­bi­tion An­no Tro­pi­co, sta­ged la­st April, may al­so shor­tly find the right part­ner in the in­du­strial world. He­re, the de­si­gners in­ve­sti­ga­ted the re­la­tion­ship bet­ween na­tu­ral and ar­ti­fi­cial light using on­ly di­chroic glass, op­ti­cal len­ses and pa­ra­bo­lic mir­rors to di­rect, re­flect and pro­ject light beams wi­th ne­ver- be­fo­re- seen ef­fec­ts. The com­ple­xi­ty of the ex­hi­bi­tion de­si­gn pro­ject un­der­ta­ken for Le­xus at the la­st Mi­lan De­si­gn Week al­so con­firms the qua­li­ties of the de­si­gners wi­th a so­lid, au­tho­ri­ta­ti­ve and re­co­gni­sa­ble lan­gua­ge: able to cross th­rou­gh eve­ry aspect of the pro­ject. www. for­ma­fan­ta­sma. com YOUNG DE­SI­GN TA­LENT Mat­teo Cibic/ His is a way of wor­king that pro­ceeds by di­ving in­to worlds far apart from ea­ch other: that of the mo­re ri­squé gla­mour of One bac­k­packs for Obag, but al­so that of the con­tem­po­ra­ry eclec­ti­ci­sm of the fur­ni­tu­re col­lec­tions for Bo­not­to Edi­tions ( the Ita­lian tex­ti­le mill that pro­du­ces tex­ti­les for clo­thing). Al­ways dri­ven by cu­rio­si­ty for ma­te­rials and craf­tsman­li­ke wor­king tech­ni­ques, be they tra­di­tio­nal or mo­re con­tem­po­ra­ry, Cibic – born in 1983 – feeds on in­fluen­ces from dif­fe­rent di­sci­pli­nes and cul­tu­res. His duc­ti­li­ty mo­ves bet­ween bo­ne and re­sin in­lays used for the se­ries of fur­ni­tu­re for Scar­let Splen­dour, the lu­xu­ry In­dian brand, and iri­de­scent fa­bric films li­ke the one cho­sen to co­ver the Tim To­wers in Ro­me. Pro­jec­ts con­cei­ved and de­si­gned in a fun­ny man­ner, an en­ter­tai­ning, laid- back way of doing de­si­gn. A bit li­ke what hap­pens for the fur­ni­shings for Se­con­do­me or Pao­la C.: fan­ta­stic crea­tu­res wi­th the stran­ge­st sha­pes that look li­ke they ha­ve esca­ped from a 3D fan­ta­sy film. www. mat­teo­ci­bic­stu­dio. com BATHROOM/ Item: Bo­dyLo­ve/ De­si­gner: Ro­dol­fo Dor­do­ni wi­th Mi­che­le An­ge­li­ni/ Pro­du­cer: Ef­fe­gi­bi The mea­ning of the pro­ject is re­flec­ted in the na­me: Bo­dyLo­ve is an en­ve­lo­ping pla­ce de­si­gned around the bo­dy. And so, to gua­ran­tee the ut­mo­st tai­lor- ma­de well­being, Ro­dol­fo Dor­do­ni has co­me up wi­th a mo­du­lar sy­stem wi­th a hi­gh en­gi­nee­ring con­tent: the box – whi­ch ac­ts as a sau­na and/ or ham­mam – can in fact be ma­de to mea­su­re for pu­blic and pri­va­te spa­ces. The Ita­lian ar­chi­tect has not on­ly wor­ked on ac­ces­si­bi­li­ty, ga­the­ring the sy­stems to­ge­ther in a box that can be in­spec­ted from the ou­tsi­de, but al­so on the so­phi­sti­ca­ted se­lec­tion of ma­te­rials: sto­neware on the floor, tu­bu­lar alu­mi­nium sla­ts for the walls, Ca­na­dian hem­lock and Co­rian for the ben­ches, mar­ble for the shel­ving and cop­pe­ref­fect steel for the con­tai­ners. www. ef­fe­gi­bi. it BED­DING/ Item: Ma­ku­ra/ De­si­gner: Pie­ro Lis­so­ni/ Pro­du­cer: Por­ro Pie­ro Lis­so­ni rein­ven­ts sleep, re­ly­ing on ele­gan­ce. It is wi­th this cu­rio­si­ty that we ha­ve to ob­ser­ve the Ma­ku­ra bed: a slightly su­spen­ded wel­co­ming oa­sis. The Ita­lian ar­chi­tect ma­kes the uphol­ste­red bed con­tem­po­ra­ry wi­th a mo­del who­se struc­tu­re is com­ple­te­ly co­ve­red in fa­bric, lea­ther and imi­ta­tion lea­ther. In­clu­ding the pil­lo­ws. The fi­nal ef­fect is that of a co­sy, warm ne­st, wi­th a soft, si­nuous sha­pe, ju­st in­vi­ting you to re­st in it. And it nou­ri­shes the lo­ve of de­tail. www. por­ro. com FA­BRICS/ Item: Serpentino/ Pro­du­cer: Dedar Ani­mal- print in­fluen­ces for this fa­bric re­mi­ni­scent of sna­ke­skin. But don’t be foo­led by ap­pea­ran­ces, be­cau­se beyond the glit­te­ry dia­mond ef­fect, we find all the in­no­va­tion of a screen prin­ting pro­cess using me­tal­lic pig­men­ts and the so­phi­sti­ca­tion of a 100- strand cot­ton sa­teen fa­bric ( Ta­bu­la­ra­sa). The dia­lo­gue bet­ween tra­di­tion and re­sear­ch has re­sul­ted in a col­lec­tion wi­th a pat­tern that is no lon­ger geo­me­tric but fi­gu­ra­ti­ve, that in­vests in the tou­ch: when stro­ked, Serpentino gi­ves the fee­ling of a full soft­ness. www. dedar. com FLOOR CO­VE­RING/ Item: Bo­lon by You/ De­si­gner: Doshi Levien/ Pro­du­cer: Bo­lon The Swe­di­sh com­pa­ny is not new to wor­king wi­th ar­chi­tec­ts and de­si­gners of in­ter­na­tio­nal re­no­wn. But wi­th this col­lec­tion de­si­gned by the An­glo- In­dian stu­dio, it tran­sforms the syn­the­tic coa­ting pro­du­ced in­du­strial­ly in­to a tai­lor- ma­de pro­duct. And it does so by be­lie­ving in the in­tui­tion of Doshi Levien, who ha­ve co­me up wi­th four co­lours for the warp and twel­ve for the weft, in or­der to en­su­re ver­sa­ti­li­ty and cu­sto­mi­sa­tion. The re­sult is a col­lec­tion wi­th six va­rian­ts fea­tu­ring a de­ci­ded­ly ar­chi­tec­tu­ral slant. www. bo­lon. com FUR­NI­TU­RE/ Item: Brut/ De­si­gner: Konstantin Grcic/ Pro­du­cer: Magis To ce­le­bra­te the for­tie­th an­ni­ver­sa­ry of his com­pa­ny, Eu­ge­nio Pe­raz­za, the Ita­lian Ar­chi­me­des of pro­duc­tion pro­ces­ses, pu­ts his tru­st in the Ger­man de­si­gner. Brut is not ju­st a col­lec­tion of fur­ni­tu­re ma­de from ca­st iron, but a re­flec­tion on the ex­pres­si­ve po­ten­tial of a stur­dy, pri­mi­ti­ve ma­te­rial. Tra­di­tio­nal­ly used by hea­vy in­du­stry, in the hands of Grcic, it be­co­mes re­fi­ned and so­phi­sti­ca­ted and en­ters the ho­me: from a struc­tu­ral ma­te­rial ( used in the con­struc­tion of brid­ges and tracks) it is tran­sfor­med in­to do­me­stic dé­cor. The col­lec­tion, con­si­sting ta­bles, cof­fee ta­bles and ben­ches, pro­vi­des sha­pe wi­thout com­pro­mi­se for an at­mo­sphe­re that is so­lid yet spar­kling at the sa­me ti­me. www. ma­gi­sde­si­gn. com KIT­CHEN/ Item: Cu­ci­na Air/ De­si­gner: Da­nie­le La­go/ Pro­du­cer: La­go

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