By Ro­sa­ria Zuc­co­ni — pho­tos by Max Zam­bel­li

Crea­ti­ve in­tui­tions — p. 124

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In the new hou­se in Mi­lan, in a di­strict that is now on- trend, Ch­ri­stian Piz­zi­ni­ni and An­to­nio Sco­la­ri en­joy their pas­sion for art and hi­sto­ric de­si­gn For­tu­ne fa­vours the bold... Bra­ve hearts li­ke Ch­ri­stian Piz­zi­ni­ni and An­to­nio Sco­la­ri, the ow­ners of an in­ter­na­tio­nal sco­pe press of­fi­ce agen­cy. Two con­tra­sting per­so­na­li­ties, sha­ring fa­st thin­king and a pre­di­spo­si­tion for chan­ge. The mo­st re­cent re­sult of their ta­lent is the apart­ment in Be­ne­det­to Mar­cel­lo. In the ta­le they tell to­ge­ther of how and why they cho­se this ho­me, you can hear their sen­se of plea­su­re for ad­ven­tu­re: “It all hap­pe­ned in a sin­gle day. Cou­ra­ge wi­th a da­sh of rec­kles­sness is part of our phi­lo­so­phy of li­fe; we don’t li­ke stan­ding still”. Be­fo­re mo­ving to Mi­lan, Ch­ri­stian and An­to­nio used to li­ve in a hi­sto­ric buil­ding in the cen­tre of Bre­scia, sur­roun­ded by an al­mo­st suf­fo­ca­ting num­ber of fre­scoes, whi­ch had be­co­me a li­mit to their crea­ti­vi­ty. “Af­ter th­ree weeks, when we ca­me back to Mi­lan, we hard­ly re­co­gni­sed our im­pul­se buy. What had struck us was be­fo­re our ve­ry eyes: the­se light- fil­led in­te­riors, the clas­sic par­quet, the in­cre­di­bly hi­gh cei­lings wi­th their pla­ster­work. All we had to do was re­spect it. We pain­ted the li­ving area whi­te and the be­droom and di­ning- room grey, main­ly used in the eve­ning. You can read our in­put in the link bet­ween fur­ni­tu­re, wi­th ra­re and ori­gi­nal pie­ces, te­sti­fy­ing to Ita­lian ge­nius sin­ce the fif­ties. Main players in na­tu­ral­ly har­mo­nious sur­roun­dings”.

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