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art that is to­day being re­vi­ved: along the rou­te, the tra­di­tio­nal hou­ses can­not go un­no­ti­ced, bu­ried un­der enor­mous roofs of sea­weed. In the cot­ta­ge among the pi­ne trees in one cor­ner of the island, the wild ap­pea­ran­ce of the ma­te­rials be­lies a con­tem­po­ra­ry spi­rit. The woo­den struc­tu­re lea­ves room for an or­der­ly se­quen­ce of glass doors, whi­le the roof co­ve­red in wo­ven sea­weed is in­ter­rup­ted by ju­st th­ree sky­lights. Be­hind the de­si­gn, won by com­pe­ti­tion by ar­chi­tec­ts Van­d­kun­sten and built by the com­pa­ny Real­da­nia­byg, is the de­si­re to dee­pen the kno­w­led­ge of cen­tu­ries- old con­struc­tion tech­ni­ques, to the be­ne­fit of su­stai­na­ble ar­chi­tec­tu­re. The in­te­rior de­si­gn fol­lo­ws the sa­me wa­ve­leng­th. Spla­shes of grey, whi­te and black de­fi­ne the sharp li­nes of the Scan­di­na­vian de­si­gn fur­ni­tu­re; wic­ker and ru­shes the sof­ter li­nes of the 1950s co­ni­cal arm­chair and the roc­king chair. Two be­drooms clo­se the ground floor lay­out, ex­pan­ding their sco­pe for ac­com­mo­da­tion in the two twin mez­za­ni­nes. From he­re guests can en­joy a pri­vi­le­ged view of the spa­ce.

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