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ELLE Decor (Italy) - - English Text - by Va­len­ti­na Rag­gi

Works of art prin­ted in 3D, buil­dings built by ro­bo­ts in a mat­ter of hours, snea­kers crea­ted from light and oxy­gen. Al­go­ri­thms and pat­terns in the new ge­ne­ra­ti­ve de­si­gn. We are all di­gi­tal ma­kers The la­te­st ge­ne­ra­tion of pro­duc­tion tech­no­lo­gy ( 3D prin­ters, CNC ma­chi­nes, la­ser cut­ting…) is now crea­ting ob­jec­ts and de­si­gns for eve­ry­day use; so mu­ch so that ac­cor­ding to the news ma­ga­zi­ne ‘ The Eco­no­mi­st’, the phe­no­me­non will chan­ge the world. The new ar­tists and de­si­gners are re- ca­li­bra­ting their ta­len­ts in the light of the new po­ten­tial of­fe­red by di­gi­tal tech­no­lo­gy, wi­th re­sul­ts that ca­st doubt on the wi­de­ly held be­lief that a work is of less va­lue if it is not pu­re­ly man- ma­de. Pa­ra­do­xi­cal­ly, in fact, this prac­ti­ce ma­kes it pos­si­ble to find the right for­mu­la so that eve­ryo­ne can ha­ve a cu­stom- ma­de pro­duct wi­thin a short spa­ce of ti­me and wi­th less wa­ste of ma­te­rial. “Crea­ting in­no­va­tion means abo­ve all re- thin­king de­si­gn pro­ces­ses and me­thods, using what al­rea­dy exists in a crea­ti­ve way and ma­king use of tech­no­lo­gies to im­pro­ve ideas and ma­ke them be­co­me rea­li­ty,” ex­plains the team at Ope­nDot. So this beau­ti­ful and use­ful tech­no­lo­gy is an in­vi­ting call from the fu­tu­re. Con­si­der the pos­si­bi­li­ty of crea­ting a hou­se from ze­ro in a mat­ter of hours: the Dut­ch stu­dio DUS Ar­chi­tec­ts are al­rea­dy con­si­de­ring it, and ha­ve in­stal­led a 3D- prin­ted mi­cro- ca­bin in Am­ster­dam. Or the pos­si­bi­li­ty of gi­ving ma­te­rials sha­pes that we­re im­pos­si­ble be­fo­re. “I’ve de­ve­lo­ped th­ree soft­ware pro­gram­mes to crea­te the ef­fect of rip­pling wa­ves on mar­ble and brass, that we­re then for­ged by a CNC ma­chi­ne,” says Ma­thieu Le­han­neur, de­scri­bing his new fur­ni­tu­re ‘ Ocean Me­mo­ries’. So it doe­sn’t mean the end of craf­tsman­ship, but ra­ther a new kind of arts& crafts whe­re ma­nual skill al­so lies in the bril­liant use of a com­pu­ter pro­gram­me.

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