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ELLE Decor (Italy) - - English Text - by Va­len­ti­na Rag­gi and Fi­lip­po Ro­meo

Pain­tings as an ar­chi­tec­tu­ral means for re­no­va­tion of piaz­zas, fa­ca­des and pu­blic pla­ces. Graffiti be­co­mes a big ci­vil pro­ject Ini­tial­ly seen as an act of van­da­li­sm that de­fa­ced the ci­ty, to­day ( real) street art is suc­ces­sful­ly in­vi­ted to de­co­ra­te stree­ts, buil­dings and pu­blic pla­ces. In the wa­ke of big na­mes from the pa­st — Kei­th Ha­ring or Ba­squiat ju­st to men­tion the be­st — and al­so of the new col­lec­ti­ble phe­no­me­na — Bank­sy in the fo­re­front — lo­cal ad­mi­ni­stra­tions and cul­tu­ral in­sti­tu­tions ha­ve ope­ned their eyes to the co­lour­ful beau­ty of this art form. What is im­me­dia­te­ly stri­king when ob­ser­ving the be­st of re­cent ex­pres­sion is how this ten­den­cy to ‘ paint’ the con­text has to­day al­so be­co­me a means of com­mu­ni­ca­tion/ ad­ver­ti­sing. In Pa­ris, the III- Stu­dio team of crea­ti­ve di­rec­tors has co­me up wi­th the idea of pain­ting a ba­sket­ball court to pro­mo­te

a sports­wear li­ne crea­ted by the Pi­gal­le fa­shion brand wi­th Ni­ke. From the uni­ver­se of street sty­le we then mo­ve on­to mo­re de­co­ra­ti­ve ver­sions. Pro­jec­ts li­ke ‘ Cal­li­graf­fi­ti’ by the young Rus­sian, Po­kras Lam­pas, cal­led on by Fen­di to de­co­ra­te the roof­top of their hea­d­quar­ters in old Pa­laz­zo del­la Ci­vil­tà Ita­lia­na in Ro­me, wi­th a poem in Cy­ril­lic about the con­cept of free ex­pres­sion. Young Ne Spoon from War­saw al­so has an unu­sual sty­le that re­calls tra­di­tio­nal cro­chet, pain­ted la­ce in other­wi­se ano­ny­mous piaz­zas, aban­do­ned si­tes and ne­glec­ted buil­dings. The sa­me mood, but wi­th en­ti­re­ly dif­fe­rent re­sul­ts, for Hen­se, a fa­mous ab­stract ar­ti­st who mo­ves non­cha­lan­tly from can­va­ses for gal­le­ries to enor­mous buil­ding fa­ca­des, all part of his world of co­lour­ful play­ful sha­pes. And they cal­led them van­dals.

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