Post Craft Era

ELLE Decor (Italy) - - English Text - words by Pao­la Ca­ri­ma­ti pho­tos by Al­ber­to Stra­da — sty­ling by Nao­mi Ko­zai te­ru­hi­roya­na­gi­ha­ra. jp

In Osa­ka, in an ear­ly twen­tie­th cen­tu­ry buil­ding, the stu­dio of the de­si­gner and ar­ti­san Te­ru­hi­ro Ya­na­gi­ha­ra It was 2010 when El­le De­cor Ita­lia rea­li­sed that the ta­lent of Te­rhui­ro Ya­na­gi­ha­ra would gai­ned world­wi­de suc­cess. We met the Ja­pa­ne­se de­si­gner in Osa­ka, whe­re he mo­ved his stu­dio la­st year. Af­ter a de­gree in art & de­si­gn and the ope­ning of his stu­dio Iso­la­tio­nu­nit, he wor­ked on / Mai­son, the new spa­ce lab com­ple­te wi­th wa­re­hou­se and shop in the do­wn­to­wn di­strict. “I mo­ved the­re in spring la­st year, ha­ving fal­len in lo­ve wi­th this ori­gi­nal buil­ding built bet­ween 1912 and 1926, un­der the rei­gn of the em­pe­ror Tai­sh”. The pla­ce has pre­ser­ved the post- in­du­strial at­mo­sphe­re ty­pi­cal of the era in whi­ch it was con­cei­ved, wi­th ba­re walls, con­cre­te pil­lars and vi­si­ble in­stal­la­tions: the per­fect set­ting for his pie­ces. “Ma­ker, ar­ti­san or ar­ti­st? I think I am sim­ply a de­si­gner who tries to pro­mo­te a new de­si­gn cul­tu­re, far re­mo­ved from trends. It is no sur­pri­se that he­re is whe­re ‘ Post Craft’ is prac­ti­ced, a chal­len­ge that aims to bring craf­tsman­ship in­to the fu­tu­re, pro­mo­ting a new ar­ti­sa­nal cul­tu­re”. The fu­tu­re? “Two ho­tels, one of whi­ch is for Ari­ta, the fa­mous pot­te­ry fac­to­ry, to ho­st the de­si­gners we en­ga­ge eve­ry year”, to then pre­sent their pie­ces at the Sa­lo­ne del Mo­bi­le, he re­veals.

Post Craft Era — p. 81

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