Re­nais­san­ce 4.0

ELLE Decor (Italy) - - English Text - by Do­ria­na Tor­rie­ro — pho­tos by Giu­lio Di Mau­ro

It feels li­ke li­ving in ano­ther world. Whe­re the pa­st be­co­mes to­mor­row’s he­ri­ta­ge. Ex­plo­ring the Su­pe­rior In­sti­tu­te of Con­ser­va­tion and Re­sto­ra­tion in Ro­me The ISCR ( Isti­tu­to Su­pe­rio­re per la Con­ser­va­zio­ne ed il Re­stau­ro, Su­pe­rior In­sti­tu­te for Con­ser­va­tion and Re­sto­ra­tion) has been hou­sed in the mo­nu­men­tal com­plex of San Mi­che­le a Ri­pa Gran­de sin­ce 2010. He­re, art hi­sto­rians, ar­chi­tec­ts, ar­chaeo­lo­gists, phy­si­cists, che­mists, bio­lo­gists and stu­den­ts from the Trai­ning School per­form mi­ra­cles on all the ma­ster­pie­ces that ar­ri­ve he­re eve­ry day nee­ding to be re­sto­red. And this is whe­re the Fen­di fa­shion hou­se co­mes in. Fen­di’s ob­jec­ti­ves of trai­ning young peo­ple and pas­sing on ex­per­ti­se ha­ve led to the crea­tion of an edu­ca­tio­nal scien­ti­fic area, whe­re stu­den­ts can prac­ti­se wi­th hi­gh tech­no­lo­gy equi­p­ment to achie­ve the le­vel of ex­cel­len­ce re­qui­red to pre­ser­ve the ar­ti­stic he­ri­ta­ge. As Pie­tro Bec­ca­ri, Fen­di’s pre­si­dent and ma­na­ging di­rec­tor who is in char­ge of the pro­ject, tells us: “This col­la­bo­ra­tion is yet ano­ther te­sti­mo­ny to Fen­di’s great lo­ve of Ro­me and to how our re­la­tion­ship wi­th art and the Eter­nal Ci­ty is gro­wing stron­ger eve­ry day.”

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