Piz­za re­vo­lu­tion

ELLE Decor (Italy) - - English Text - by Ro­sa­ria Zuc­co­ni and Fran­ce­sca Be­ne­det­to pho­tos by Ka­sia Ga­t­ko­w­ska

A win­ning for­mu­la that has over­tur­ned the ste­reo­ty­pe of the clas­sic piz­ze­ria. Dry 2 is a hy­brid pla­ce for ex­pe­ri­men­ting wi­th a new kind of con­vi­via­li­ty Mi­lan, Sep­tem­ber 2012. An ar­chi­tect, Ti­zia­no Vu­da­fie­ri, a ma­na­ger, Gian­ni Fio­ril­lo, a law­yer, Da­rio Ri­gat­ti and a Mi­che­lin-star­red chef, An­drea Ber­ton, uni­ted by their pas­sion for food, de­ci­ded to pro­po­se a new way to ex­pe­rien­ce the so­cia­li­zing lin­ked to ea­ting. And so Pi­sac­co was born, a con­tem­po­ra­ry bi­stro wi­th di­shes ba­sed on ex­cel­lent raw in­gre­dien­ts. It was an im­me­dia­te hit. Du­ring the 2014 Sa­lo­ne del Mo­bi­le, a my­ste­rious in­vi­ta­tion to a spea­kea­sy in Via Sol­fe­ri­no brought jour­na­lists and trend- set­ters to­ge­ther at Dry, a piz­ze­ria wi­th cock­tails wi­th a re­vo­lu­tio­na­ry for­mu­la de­si­gned by the Sa­ve­ri­noVu­da­fie­ri stu­dio. “It’s a well-struc­tu­red spa­ce, left ju­st as it was, wi­th an un­fi­ni­shed feel. The bar coun­ter has been eli­mi­na­ted, crea­ting a di­rect re­la­tion­ship bet­ween tho­se wor­king the­re and the cu­sto­mers, who sit around a lar­ge ta­ble drin­king a cock­tail whi­le they wait to be sea­ted,” ex­plain the pro­ject de­si­gners. It’s the sa­me phi­lo­so­phy be­hind Dry 2 in Via Vit­to­rio Ve­ne­to, a pla­ce wi­th a strong per­so­na­li­ty, in a lar­ge, so­lemn spa­ce li­ke the na­ve of a chur­ch, that’s open from mid­day to two in the mor­ning. The brains be­hind it, Ti­zia­no Vu­da­fie­ri and Clau­dio Sa­ve­ri­no, con­ti­nue the sto­ry: “We li­ke to say that they are re­stau­ran­ts wi­th a lot of plan­ning but not mu­ch de­si­gn. We ima­gi­ned hy­brid spa­ces that would in­sti­ga­te new re­la­tion­ships bet­ween the guests in dif­fe­rent si­tua­tions.”

Piz­za re­vo­lu­tion — p. 127

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