Nouvelle vague

ELLE Decor (Italy) - - English Text - words by Fran­ce­sca Mol­te­ni — pho­tos by Mat­thieu Sal­vaing

Bet­ween me­mo­ries from the eighteen­th cen­tu­ry and rock ‘ n‘ roll, Pier­re Har­dy talks about his ho­me in Ma­rais. A con­tem­po­ra­ry sta­ge wi­th a Gain­sbourg fi­xa­tion It is a thea­tri­cal ho­me, the per­fect sta­ge for a piè­ce by Ma­ri­vaux or a Fren­ch New Wa­ve film. That is exac­tly how Pier­re Har­dy wan­ted it: “For years I li­ved in a hou­se that wa­sn’t real­ly a hou­se – one sin­gle lar­ge spa­ce, cei­lings 7 me­tres hi­gh, ve­ry spec­ta­cu­lar – but when I pic­ked this, I wan­ted a pro­tec­ti­ve one, wi­th a na­tu­ral, com­for­ta­ble and fluid struc­tu­re”. The di­strict whe­re he cho­se to li­ve is the 3rd ar­ron­dis­se­ment, in a buil­ding, old and no­ble li­ke his re­fi­ned ways, to be tran­sfor­med in­to a con­tem­po­ra­ry sce­ne, li­ke his sty­le. “I lo­ve the vo­lu­mes of this apart­ment and their or­ga­ni­sa­tion. It is a ve­ry clas­sic hou­se from the 18th cen­tu­ry, but I re­di­stri­bu­ted the spa­ces, mo­ving the kit­chen and the ba­th­room, lea­ving so­me old fea­tu­res, li­ke the win­do­ws”. The de­si­gner op­ted for mi­ni­mum in­ter­ven­tion, in kee­ping wi­th the set­ting, and crea­ted a room, mo­re in­ti­ma­te and mo­dern, around the kit­chen and the di­ning room. Bet­ween clas­sic and mo­dern, the ba­lan­ce lies in the sto­ry, the hi­ghly per­so­nal nar­ra­ti­ve that cer­tain hou­ses con­tain. “What is ho­me to me? It is in no way lu­xu­rious, but hi­ghly in­ti­ma­te. Li­ke a por­trait, a self- por­trait ac­tual­ly”. Lit­tle de­co­ra­tion, and abo­ve all no co­lour. “That ma­kes li­fe sim­ple; the­re is no­thing in the de­si­gn t hat is not black or whi­te. I real­ly li­ke this kind of mi­ni­ma­li­sm”.

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