Ve­ne­tian le­xi­con

ELLE Decor (Italy) - - English Text - by Ro­sa­ria Zuc­co­ni — pho­tos by Ka­sia Ga­t­ko­w­ska

A cul­tu­red, ori­gi­nal tri­bu­te by ar­chi­tect Mas­si­mo Ada­rio to Ve­ni­ce and its ar­ti­stic hi­sto­ry, whi­ch con­ti­nou­sly re­news itself wi­th the Bien­na­le ex­hi­bi­tiond. A pro­ject that quo­tes Car­lo Scar­pa and ex­plo­res con­tem­po­ra­ry art At a sto­ne’s th­row from Cam­po San­ta Ma­ria For­mo­sa, pas­sing th­rou­gh a door­way, we en­ter a cour­tyard wi­th a door of wa­ter on the ca­nal. The re­flec­tions of the sun’s rays ba­the the cour­tyard in that mel­low at­mo­sphe­re of­ten por­trayed in 18th cen­tu­ry Ve­ne­tian pain­tings. But in the sha­do­ws, an ex­tre­me­ly mi­smat­ched ele­ment dra­ws our at­ten­tion: the in­stal­la­tion by Fran­ce­sco Ar­di­ni, a ce­ra­mic com­po­si­tion of pla­tes pla­ced on an old woo­den ta­ble. A work that min­gles the warm feel of ho­spi­ta­li­ty wi­th cri­ti­ci­sm of the ex­ces­si­ve con­su­me­ri­sm of our th­ro­wa­way cul­tu­re. The de­si­gner and ow­ner of the hou­se, Mas­si­mo Ada­rio, a pas­sio­na­te con­tem­po­ra­ry art col­lec­tor and art hi­sto­ry scho­lar, li­ves in Ro­me and of­ten co­mes to Ve­ni­ce for so­me pea­ce and quiet. “This ci­ty is the ideal lo­ca­tion in whi­ch to ma­ke room for my pas­sion for art. The bron­ze sculp­tu­re ‘ Me­du­sa’ by Gior­gio An­dreot­ta Ca­lò speaks of Ve­ni­ce and its cha­rac­te­ri­stic woo­den posts, cor­ro­ded by ti­me and by the wa­ter. Gian­car­lo Ba­ru­chel­lo is the au­thor of the dip­ty­ch com­po­sed of ma­ny lit­tle sto­ries that oc­cu­py a neu­tral whi­te sur­fa­ce.” Ea­ch de­tail of the con­struc­tion has been ca­re­ful­ly stu­died. The co­lours, ma­te­rials and dé­cor are the no­tes of a sco­re that is unex­pec­ted and ra­re, yet in­dul­ges a spon­ta­neous, re­la­xed li­fe­sty­le. The choi­ce of de­cor is pur­po­se­ly eclec­tic, fruit of the be­lief that pie­ces that may va­ry con­si­de­ra­bly in terms of sty­le and pe­riod al­ways look good when com­bi­ned.

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