De­cor rein­ven­ts spa­ce in a de­si­gner pro­ject in Lu­ga­no

ELLE Decor (Italy) - - English Text - by Fla­via Gior­gi — pho­tos by Pao­la Pan­si­ni

Au­tumn. The light, soft and warm, is per­fect for the at­mo­sphe­re ca­re­ful­ly crea­ted for this ho­me in Swi­tzer­land. It is lo­ca­ted on the top floor of a ve­ry re­cent buil­ding, on the sho­res of La­ke Lu­ga­no. The sup­por­ting struc­tu­re in con­cre­te, whi­ch oc­cu­pies the two stair­wells and of­fers free­dom from pil­lars and sup­por­ting walls, gi­ves the brea­th of an open plan. In this en­vi­ron­ment, Britt Mo­ran and Emi­lia­no Sal­ci, Di­mo­reS­tu­dio, ha­ve co­me up wi­th a de­si­gn that is fai­th­ful to their sty­le, but evol­ves it wi­thin a new con­text. “The en­coun­ter wi­th a dif­fe­rent rea­li­ty was ve­ry sti­mu­la­ting. The ba­re es­sen­tia­li­ty of the rooms meant that spa­ce had to be in­ven­ted”, the two ex­plain. Whi­le the co­lours of wa­ter are the chro­ma­tic leit­mo­tif for the sur­fa­ces, the pa­let­te is en­li­ve­ned wi­th fla­shes of yel­low and oran­ge, of pink and pur­ple. “We lo­ve fin­ding unu­sual sha­des and of­fe­ring bold com­bi­na­tions”, con­ti­nues Mo­ran. The sty­le exer­ci­se is to­ned do­wn in the be­drooms, whe­re the hues in­vi­te you to re­st: a pink- vei­ned tau­pe grey de­co­ra­tes the be­droom walls. From one si­de to the other, the win­do­ws open up on­to the land­sca­pe. Un­til the la­ke va­ni­shes be­hind a cur­tain of blue sa­tin.

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