By Fran­ce­sco Bog­gio Fer­ra­ris and Fi­lip­po Fa­su­lo cu­ra­ted by Paola Ca­ri­ma­ti and Fi­lip­po Ro­meo

Chi­na, the va­lue of friend­ship and the ma­de in Ita­ly — p. 63

ELLE Decor (Italy) - - Cina Andata E Ritorno -

Chal­len­ges and op­por­tu­ni­ties of a coun­try that has plan­ned chan­ge to play a lea­ding ro­le in the glo­bal mar­ket. The Ce­le­stial Em­pi­re pre­pa­res to climb on the Mil­len­nial, de­si­gn and lu­xu­ry brands. Ita­ly? We ha­ve the op­por­tu­ni­ty to ha­ve re­la­tions and ma­ke a sy­stem Fran­ce­sco Bog­gio Fer­ra­ris ( Head of the Ita­ly- Chi­na Foun­da­tion’s Training School) and Fi­lip­po Fa­su­lo ( Scien­ti­fic Coor­di­na­tor of the sa­me in­sti­tu­tion’s ma­na­ge­ment stu­dy cen­tre), ba­sed on the se­cond re­port by the ‘ Fi­nan­cial Ti­mes’ pu­bli­shed in Fe­brua­ry 2017, talk to us about mo­dern Chi­na. Who are the Mil­len­nials. They are a group of 300 mil­lion well- edu­ca­ted young men and wo­men, with mo­re op­por­tu­ni­ties to work in the city and to earn hi­gher sa­la­ries than the ol­der ge­ne­ra­tions had. The­re are so­me dif­fe­ren­ces bet­ween the ‘ ba­lin­ghou’, tho­se born after 1980, and the ‘ jiu­lin­ghou’, tho­se born after 1990. The fir­st are trend set­ters and idea­lists, fo­cu­sed on their ca­reers. The se­cond are trend fol­lo­wers, mo­re in­di­vi­dua­li­stic and mo­re open to au­to­no­mous and in­no­va­ti­ve jobs. Bo­th groups are open to de­si­gn and to We­stern

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