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Da­vid Chip­per­field, for the Ro­lex Men­tor & Pro­té­gé phi­lan­th­ro­pic pro­gram­me, opens up the doors of his Lon­don­ba­sed stu­dio. To talk about the fu­tu­re of the city and his mee­ting with the young Swiss ar­chi­tect Si­mon Kre­tz We are in Lon­don, in the ar­chi­tec­tu­re stu­dio of Sir Da­vid Chip­per­field, to talk to one of the lea­ding ar­chi­tec­ts on the in­ter­na­tio­nal sce­ne about the fu­tu­re of li­ving, or ra­ther how the qua­li­ty of our ci­ties can be im­pro­ved. The idea springs from a year of re­sear­ch con­duc­ted with the Swiss Si­mon Kre­tz, a young, up- and- coming ar­chi­tect and pro­ta­go­ni­st with Chip­per­field in the la­te­st edi­tion of the Ro­lex Men­tor & Pro­té­gé phi­lan­th­ro­pic pro­gram­me. Chip­per­field and Kre­tz com­pa­red two dif­fe­rent urban cul­tu­res: the Swiss one, ba­sed on an ap­proa­ch that brings the in­fluen­ce of the city cen­tre out to the su­burbs, and Lon­don’s freer and mo­re frag­men­ta­ry one, whi­ch lea­ves plen­ty of de­ci­sion ma­king po­wer to the in­ve­stor. “In Lon­don, the har­de­st thing is suc­cee­ding in crea­ting works that do not on­ly aim to meet the needs of the client, but al­so to bring be­ne­fi­ts to the ci­ti­zens, re­ge­ne­ra­ting the urban spa­ces”, ex­plains Chip­per­field. One exam­ple is the Eli­za­be­th Hou­se pro­ject in Sou­th Bank: a vo­lu­me with a num­ber of layers ma­de up of a struc­tu­re su­spen­ded on con­cre­te pil­lars. “We will re­mo­ve vo­lu­mes of the buil­ding to lea­ve the area be­low free, crea­ting a sort of co­ve­red squa­re”. An exam­ple of how, by fighting again­st the re­stric­tions of spe­cu­la­ti­ve urban plan­ning, with de­ter­mi­na­tion and passion, we can de­si­gn buil­dings ma­de for the ci­ti­zens.

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