By Paola Ca­ri­ma­ti

Ge­ne­ra­tion of phe­no­me­nons — p. 85

ELLE Decor (Italy) - - Cina Andata E Ritorno -

They are young and ta­len­ted, they love re­sear­ch that brings them clo­ser to the craft and the te­na­ci­ty of an in­ter­na­tio­nal style with an Ea­stern fla­vour. Ma­de in Chi­na de­si­gn is a journey th­rou­gh the creativity of a new midd­le class that will chan­ge the world The cre­dit will al­so go to de­si­gn if Chi­na be­co­mes, as ac­cor­ding to the plans of Xi Jin­ping, the lea­der of the Peo­ple’s Re­pu­blic, one of the mo­st beautiful and pea­ce­ful coun­tries in the world by 2049 ( the year in whi­ch the coun­try will ce­le­bra­te the cen­ten­nial of its bir­th). The de­si­gners of ge­ne­ra­tions Y and Z are cer­tain of this. The­se crea­ti­ve mil­len­nials, after ha­ving com­ple­ted their training abroad, ha­ve re­tur­ned, rea­dy to use the skills they ha­ve ac­qui­red. The fir­st goal is to de­si­gn in a re­co­gni­sa­ble and ori­gi­nal lan­gua­ge, one that over­co­mes on­ce and for all the ste­reo­ty­pe of ma­de in Chi­na as a “co­py”. The­se young men and wo­men

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