By Paola Ca­ri­ma­ti

Pla­stic Fantastic — p. 103

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On at the D Mu­seum in Seoul: a journey th­rou­gh the hi­sto­ry of a brand and the po­ten­tials of a ma­te­rial that has hel­ped build the suc­cess of Ita­lian pro­duc­tion. Al­so in the Ea­st ‘ Pla­stic Fantastic’, the ti­tle of the ex­hi­bi­tion ope­ned by Kar­tell at the D Mu­seum in Seoul ( on un­til 4 Mar­ch, 2018) per­fec­tly cap­tu­res its ob­jec­ti­ve: to tell the sto­ry behind the crea­ti­ve and tech­no­lo­gi­cal evo­lu­tion of pla­stic. The journey sta­ged by the com­pa­ny from No­vi­glio is a trip th­rou­gh the hi­sto­ry of the brand. “We de­ci­ded to tell our sto­ry with a me­dium that would be in­stan­tly per­cei­va­ble, to en­ga­ge a young, dy­na­mic au­dien­ce li­ke the Ko­rean one” ex­plains Lo­ren­za Lu­ti, the brand’s mar­ke­ting and re­tail ma­na­ger. “The dia­lo­gue bet­ween the pre­sti­ge of the de­si­gn and the creativity of in­ter­na­tio­nal ar­chi­tec­ts and de­si­gners is at the ba­sis of the emo­tio­nal cour­se fol­lo­wed by the ex­hi­bi­tion. In this way - by ex­hi­bi­ting what ha­ve be­co­me true icons of in­ter­na­tio­nal de­si­gn - it re­coun­ts the union bet­ween pla­stic and de­si­gn”, con­clu­des Lo­ren­za. The com­mon de­no­mi­na­tor is emotion, in the sense that the vi­si­tor is in­vi­ted to ex­pe­rien­ce the pro­duct, to re­li­ve the crea­ti­ve spark and the pro­cess that ge­ne­ra­ted it, fo­cu­sing not so mu­ch on the ob­ject itself but on the deep sense that led to its crea­tion. The ex­hi­bi­tion is a con­ti­nuous que­st to di­sco­ver not on­ly the ae­sthe­tic won­der that the ma­te­rial is ca­pa­ble of crea­ting but al­so its tech­no­lo­gi­cal evo­lu­tion. The lea­ding la­dy of the ex­hi­bi­tion is co­lour, epi­to­mi­sing the iro­nic and ori­gi­nal style of the brand.

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