By Va­le­ria Set­tem­bre — pho­tos by Mat­teo Im­bria­ni styling by Si­mo­na Si­len­zi Stu­dio — words by Lau­ra Mag­gi

El­le Decor Grand Ho­tel — p. 116

ELLE Decor (Italy) - - Cina Andata E Ritorno -

With bars and re­stau­ran­ts open to the city, mee­tings with de­si­gners and talks with the big na­mes in the ho­tel in­du­stry, the El­le Decor pop- up ho­tel has ma­de a co­me­back in Oc­to­ber, this year de­si­gned by An­to­nio Cit­te­rio Pa­tri­cia Viel. Held in the hi­sto­ri­cal set­ting of Pa­laz­zo Mo­ran­do in Mi­lan Re­stau­rant, cock­tail bar, sto­re, flo­wer mar­ket, spa and gym all wi­thin a pop- up ho­tel, whi­ch, in turn, was set up in a mu­seum, in the heart of the mo­st fa­mous Ita­lian fa­shion di­strict. It hap­pe­ned in Mi­lan whe­re, for two weeks, El­le Decor Grand Ho­tel took over the Pa­laz­zo Mo­ran­do. The Open Hou­se, as the de­si­gners cal­led it – An­to­nio Cit­te­rio Pa­tri­cia Viel, the in­ter­na­tio­nal firm of ar­chi­tec­ts – saw cro­wds of vi­si­tors eve­ry day. The choi­ce of lo­ca­tion For the se­cond year run­ning, El­le Decor Grand Ho­tel oc­cu­pied the Pa­laz­zo Mo­ran­do, ho­me to the fa­shion and co­stu­me mu­seum, Mo­da Co­stu­me Im­ma­gi­ne, in via Sant’Andrea, rein­ter­pre­ting the spa­ces and en­han­cing the iden­ti­ty of the lo­ca­tion.

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