Words by Fla­via Gior­gi — pho­tos by Zhu Hai — styling Ro­ger Liao

Pu­re contrast — p. 162

ELLE Decor (Italy) - - Cina Andata E Ritorno -

Art de­si­gn and eth­nic han­di­craf­ts in a sym­bo­lic in­ter­pra­ta­tion of the spa­ce. A har­mo­ny of op­po­si­tes in a vil­la in Na­n­jing De­si­gner Fang Xin- Yuan has re­no­va­ted the in­te­riors of a vil­la in Na­n­jing for an en­lighte­ned fa­mi­ly: co­ve­ring four floors, the vil­la fea­tu­res au­ste­re spa­ces, sculp­ted sha­pes inside pu­re li­nes and mo­no­chro­me ma­te­rials. It’s almost a ma­chi­ne for li­ving in, in its ele­gant func­tio­na­li­ty, but warms up in the af­fec­ti­ve di­men­sion of the fa­mi­ly ho­me. The sym­bols are ex­pli­cit: the sa­cred re­fe­ren­ce to the es­sen­ce of true love in­scri­bed across the wall in the cen­tre of the li­ving- room and the chan­de­lier gro­wing up the stair­ca­se li­ke a tree of li­fe, in a con­cep­tual lin­king of spa­ces and ge­ne­ra­tions: from the ac­com­mo­da­tion for grand­pa­ren­ts and other guests on the ground floor to the chil­dren’s rooms, pas­sing th­rou­gh the shared areas and en­ding up in the pa­ren­ts’ sui­te. From the sit­ting- room to the di­ning- room to the kitchen, Ita­lian de­si­gn ta­kes cen­tre sta­ge with art de­si­gn, hi­sto­ri­cal and con­tem­po­ra­ry pie­ces. In contrast co­mes a va­rie­ty of dif­fe­rent voi­ces from around the world with old Afri­can chairs, drums ma­de in Ala­ska, and pie­ces from Chi­le and New Zea­land. Chi­ne­se thought, trai­ned in the co­smic dua­li­ty of Yin and Yang, ap­pre­cia­tes pairs of op­po­si­tes and can find the com­ple­men­ta­ry in con­trasts. Har­mo­ny co­mes from this, bet­ween light and sha­de.

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