Words by Fran­ce­sca Molteni – pho­tos by Phi­lip­pe Le Ber­re styling by Sun Da­niel and Hu Rong

Pri­va­te set — p. 188

ELLE Decor (Italy) - - Cina Andata E Ritorno -

In Bei­jing, the hou­se of Jing Bo­ran, en­fant pro­di­ge of chi­ne­se ci­ne­ma. With open spa­ces, con­tem­po­ra­ry pie­ces, chil­d­hood me­mo­ries. And a stair­way to hea­ven At just 28 years old, Jing Bo­ran is an en­fant pro­di­ge among the ce­le­bri­ties in his im­men­se coun­try, and the star of so­me of the mo­st po­pu­lar films sho­wn in Chi­na in 2015 and 2016. Maybe that’s why he seeks on­ly “calm, si­len­ce and re­po­se” for his hou­se in Bei­jing. The co­lours are cold, with greys and blues, the spa­ces broad and open, with con­cre­te walls and me­tal­lic, in­du­strial ma­te­rials. The hou­se is ar­ran­ged over two floors, with an ash wood par­quet floor run­ning th­rou­gh it that re­minds him of sand, the on­ly natural ele­ment in his man- ma­de uni­ver­se. His passion for de­si­gn de­cla­res itself in the Mass brass sculp­tu­re by Tom Di­xon, and the Da­ni­sh lamps, Ita­lian- ma­de fur­ni­tu­re and chairs by Jean Prou­vé. But the works of art dot­ted di­scree­tly around the walls evo­ke the cul­tu­re of his ori­gins. To ma­ke room for the kitchen, a sin­gle steel unit con­nec­ting the li­ving and di­ning rooms, Jing Bo­ran de­ci­ded to knock do­wn walls and do wi­thout dif­fe­rent rooms. It’s a hou­se de­si­gned for him, for a young man loo­king for pea­ce and quiet he­re, a vi­tal spa­ce in whi­ch to think. So on the up­per floor he has crea­ted a stu­dy whe­re he can shut him­self away, and has kept on­ly one be­droom.

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