El­le Decor Ita­lia In­ter­na­tio­nal sub­scrip­tion

Star­ting from to­day, you can fi­nal­ly sub­scri­be to El­le Decor Ita­lia and bring ita­lian style & design in­to your ho­me whe­re­ver you are...

ELLE Decor (Italy) - - Inside Design/ Tessuti -

5 good rea­sons to ma­ke your choi­ce...

1. Eve­ry mon­th you will re­cei­ve your fa­vou­ri­te ma­ga­zi­ne.

2. It will be de­spat­ched di­rec­tly to your ho­me.

3. No mo­re di­stan­ces; whe­re­ver you li­ve, hun­dreds or thou­sands ki­lo­me­ters away, any pla­ce be­co­mes ea­sy to rea­ch.

4. You can ta­ke a glan­ce at Ita­lian style, co­lor and warm­th.

5. You are con­stan­tly in­for­med on ideas, trends, cu­rio­si­ties, news about design and in­te­rior design. But the­re is mo­re: new li­fe- sty­les, fa­mous peo­ple and emer­ging per­so­na­li­ties, art and wha­te­ver is re­la­ted to in­te­riors.

NEW! The sub­scrip­tion al­so in­clu­des bro­w­sa­ble digital edition. So you can now read El­le Decor Ita­lia, in­clu­ding back is­sues and en­clo­su­res, even on­li­ne on PCs, MACs and ta­ble­ts

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