ELLE Decor (Italy) - - Inside Design/ Tessuti - by Pao­la Ca­ri­ma­ti por­trai­ts by Lea Anou­chin­sky and Na­tha­lie Krag

Over­seas de­si­gners are co­ming to Ita­ly, and win­ning the coun­try over wi­th the eclec­tic and fa­ce­ted ex­pres­si­ve po­wer of their work. We met wi­th so­me of them at Mi­lan Design Week, and their sto­ries tru­ly grab­bed us. Yves Be­har, Ele­ni Pe­ta­lo­ti and Leo­ni­das Tram­pou­kis, Fer­nan­do Ma­stran­ge­lo, Fran­cois Cham­bard and Ini Ar­chi­bong are world ci­ti­zens, who ha­ve cho­sen the Sta­tes as the ideal pla­ce to ex­press their crea­ti­vi­ty. And Ita­ly to sho­w­ca­se it

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