Sur­rea­li­sm ge­ts its own back

Ban­ning ru­les and bor­ders, rea­li­zing hi­ther­to una­chie­va­ble ideas, sprea­ding mes­sa­ges of iro­ny and awe. Crea­ti­vi­ty for­goes lo­gic, but not its func­tion. Rea­dy to dream?

ELLE Decor (Italy) - - Inside Design/ Tessuti - by Va­len­ti­na Rag­gi

Loo­king back at what we we­re sho­wn by the Mi­lan fur­ni­tu­re week and Miart, but al­so ob­ser­ving the in­ter­na­tio­nal sce­ne, we no­ti­ce a strong de­si­re to sha­ke off dog­mas, gi­ve free rein to ima­gi­na­tion and con­ta­mi­na­te di­sci­pli­nes. This is all hap­pe­ning in fa­shion, design, lu­xu­ry, and even in art. Let’s call it Neo Sur­rea­li­sm. “Wor­king on a big in­stal­la­tion of co­lou­red spon­ges, the la­bo­ra­to­ry and all our tools gra­dual­ly tur­ned blue. Eve­ry eve­ning we would hang our work glo­ves on the wall. We found this ima­ge stri­king and so­me­thing big­ger than a lit­tle voi­ce told us it would be­co­me a lamp!” says In­go Mau­rer, tal­king about the ge­ne­sis of The Lu­zys glo­ve sha­ped lamp col­lec­tion. Ron Gi­lad, as the ar­ti­stic di­rec­tor of Da­ne­se, crea­tes ama­zing “mi­ni­mum yet ne­ver mi­ni­mal ob­jec­ts. I ima­gi­ne them rea­dy to ser­ve dual needs, of­fe­ring vi­sual sur­pri­ses eve­ry ti­me,” he tells us. Sa­ra Ric­ciar­di, wi­th her Ar­ca­dia in­stal­la­tion at the Fuo­ri­sa­lo­ne, ex­plo­red the is­sue of the ‘ le­ga­cy’ re­que­sted by cu­ra­tor Ali­ce Sto­ri Lie­ch­ten­stein re­la­ti­ve to her ca­stle/ re­si­den­ce for de­si­gners in Au­stria. “I ima­gi­ned a ma­xi ball ador­ned wi­th de­co­ra­tions in­spi­red by the ca­stle’s se­ven­teen­th- cen­tu­ry wall­pa­per, for play­ing wi­th. A ve­ry sim­ple yet hu­ge­ly im­pac­ting in­stal­la­tion.” In con­tra­st wi­th the So­ny one that is all about new- gen tech­no­lo­gy: fa­mi­ly pho­tos mi­gra­ting out of pa­per al­bums to be­co­me digital pro­jec­ts wi­th a wa­ve of the hand, boo­k­ca­se shel­ves chan­ging tex­tu­re wi­th the sim­ple pla­cing of an or­na­ment... sur­real, yet real and the­re for the tou­ching!

Sur­rea­li­sm ge­ts its own back — p. 42

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