Per­fect for­mu­la

In Be­ver­ly Hills, the Ca­sa Per­fect con­cept by Da­vid Alha­deff and Ja­son Du­zan­sky. An ex­clu­si­ve ho­me/ gal­le­ry for eli­te shop­ping in a buil­ding brim­ming wi­th cha­rac­ter

ELLE Decor (Italy) - - Inside Design/ Tessuti - by Glo­ria Mat­tio­ni — pho­tos by Gior­gio Pos­sen­ti

Da­vid Alha­deff, foun­der of The Fu­tu­re Per­fect, the eclec­tic design gal­le­ry foun­ded in 2003 in New York, lo­ves “pain­ting” do­me­stic land­sca­pes that he calls ‘ Ca­sa Per­fect’: an ex­clu­si­ve for­mu­la that com­bi­nes do­me­stic in­ti­ma­cy and a sho­w­room. The lat­ter, cho­sen by Da­vid and his part­ner Ja­son Du­zan­sky as their new re­si­den­ce, is lo­ca­ted in Be­ver­ly Hills and has an il­lu­strious pe­di­gree. It was de­si­gned in 1958 by Rex Lo­te­ry and in 1967, it was bought by El­vis Pre­sley, who li­ved in it for six years and wro­te so­me of his mo­st fa­mous songs the­re. “‘ Ca­sa Per­fect’ is no­ma­dic by na­tu­re,” ex­plains Da­vid. “And it had all the cha­rac­te­ri­stics sui­ta­ble for our aims: a 180- de­gree view of the ci­ty, open spa­ce, light, ar­chi­tec­tu­ral ele­men­ts su­ch as mar­ble fi­re­pla­ces and fal­se cei­lings.” The re­no­va­tion has, in fact, main­tai­ned ma­ny of the ori­gi­nal gla­mo­rous de­tails from the El­vis era. “The con­cept of ‘ Ca­sa Per­fect’ seems to ha­ve been crea­ted de­li­be­ra­te­ly for this ci­ty, in whi­ch eve­ry­thing is a de­sti­na­tion: peo­ple mo­ve by car from point A to point B, they don’t walk, stop­ping by chan­ce be­cau­se they are at­trac­ted by the win­do­ws.” The ho­me/ sho­w­room of­fers a shop­ping ex­pe­rien­ce by ap­point­ment in an im­por­tant ar­chi­tec­tu­ral lo­ca­tion, wi­th a col­lec­tion of se­lec­ted ob­jec­ts and fur­ni­tu­re. The win­ning idea is to ex­hi­bit this se­lec­ti­ve col­lec­tion, using it to fur­ni­sh a func­tio­nal ho­me, in­ha­bi­ted by the ow­ners of the gal­le­ry, who­se po­ten­tial cu­sto­mers feel li­ke wel­co­me guests. And in a hub of ce­le­bri­ties li­ke Los Angeles, the di­scre­tion of­fe­red by this for­mu­la is ju­st as ap­pre­cia­ted.

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