Slow li­ving by Hel­le Wal­sted — pho­tos by W+ B Pho­to­gra­phy words by Ka­rin Grå­bæk — in col­la­bo­ra­tion wi­th Fran­ce­sca Be­ne­det­to

A woo­den cot­ta­ge sur­roun­ded by gree­ne­ry and near the sea. The pla­ce whe­re ame­ri­can light de­si­gner Lind­sey Adel­man re­di­sco­vers chil­d­hood at­mo­sphe­res.

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The sum­mer re­treat be­lon­ging to Lind­sey Adel­man, a ta­len­ted Ame­ri­can light de­si­gner, is a woo­den cot­ta­ge ne­stled in gree­ne­ry in the Hamptons, Long Island. “I ha­ve ve­ry clear me­mo­ries he­re. When we we­re young, my fa­ther took me and my si­ster to Brid­ge­hamp­ton eve­ry sum­mer,” she ex­plains. When, years la­ter, I re­tur­ned to the­se parts wi­th my hu­sband and son, we im­me­dia­te­ly fell in lo­ve wi­th this small hou­se from 1929, left in its ori­gi­nal sta­te. We cho­se to pre­ser­ve the style of the buil­ding, wi­th the ty­pi­cal ce­dar- plank clad­ding, but we ha­ve ad­ded com­fort to the hou­se. The li­ving room is now con­nec­ted to the di­ning room and kit­chen, sim­ple and li­near. The fi­ve small gue­st rooms ha­ve been kept up­stairs, as in the ori­gi­nal plan. Th­rou­ghout the re­si­den­ce, the fur­ni­shings ha­ve a spe­cial ae­sthe­tic for­ce, the art ob­jec­ts ha­ve been cho­sen wi­th ca­re. In the re­la­xa­tion room, wi­th its sea­co­lou­red floor, the de­si­gner lo­ves to sket­ch and pe­rhaps ima­gi­ne her new lamps, dra­wing in­spi­ra­tion from the shells and bran­ches she col­lec­ts on the bea­ch du­ring her un­mis­sa­ble dai­ly walks.

Slow li­ving — p. 83

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