Being Bor­sa­ni

Cut­ting- ed­ge design and for­mal ele­gan­ce in the Tec­no foun­der’s pro­jec­ts. Sho­w­ca­sed in an ex­hi­bi­tion at the Mi­lan Trien­na­le by Sir Nor­man Fo­ster

ELLE Decor (Italy) - - Inside Design/ Tessuti - words by Por­zia Ber­ga­ma­sco

Thir­ty years ago, the No­mos ta­ble mar­ked a new epo­chal tran­si­tion in ho­me and of­fi­ce. Born in the Nor­man Fo­ster stu­dio in Lon­don, de­ve­lo­ped at the Tec­no Pro­jec­ts Cen­tre in Va­re­do, Ita­ly, and com­ple­ted in 1986, it was the fi­nal pro­ject bap­ti­sed by Osval­do Bor­sa­ni, one mo­re of so ma­ny re­co­gni­sa­ble for the com­bi­na­tion of ae­sthe­tics and tech­no­lo­gy con­cei­ved in the com­pa­ny he foun­ded in 1953 wi­th his bro­ther Ful­gen­zio. “It was to Osval­do that we owed the exi­sten­ce of an en­vi­ron­ment in whi­ch it was pos­si­ble to do what we did. He had crea­ted a men­tal at­ti­tu­de that en­cou­ra­ged craf­tsman­ship, and at­ten­tion to de­tail and qua­li­ty”, says Fo­ster. An in­de­li­ble le­ga­cy al­so re­coun­ted in the re­tro­spec­ti­ve at the Mi­lan Trien­na­le ‘ Osval­do Bor­sa­ni ( 1911- 1985), ar­chi­tect, ar­ti­st, de­si­gner and en­tre­pre­neur’, cu­ra­ted by Fo­ster him­self and Tom­ma­so Fan­to­ni, ar­chi­tect and grand­son of Osval­do. “His pro­jec­ts ex­press the sym­bio­sis bet­ween an ae­sthe­tic whi­ch de­ri­ves from the world of art, and the tech­ni­que achie­ved wi­th his skills. Bor­sa­ni be­lie­ved that bo­th of the­se should be pre­sent in a pro­duct”, ex­plains Fe­de­ri­co Bor­sa­ni, son of Ful­gen­zio and Vi­ce Pre­si­dent of the Tec­no Group. And Vil­la Bor­sa­ni re­mains the pri­ma­ry ma­ni­fe­sto of this in­no­va­ti­ve idea of style and qua­li­ty of li­ving. Built in the 40s, it is the hea­d­quar­ters of the Osval­do Bor­sa­ni Ar­chi­ve, from whi­ch co­me the over 300 items on show, ac­com­pa­nied for the oc­ca­sion by tho­se sto­red by the Nor­man Fo­ster Foun­da­tion. In par­ti­cu­lar the nu­me­rous sket­ches that re­veal a ta­ste for the unu­sual design so­lu­tion, the va­lue of an ae­sthe­tic and sym­bo­lic ex­pe­rien­ce, not on­ly func­tio­nal, and the idea of com­fort in the mo­dern di­men­sion.

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