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A con­cept sto­re, ope­ned in the ear­ly 1900s in Am­ster­dam, re­sty­led by Stu­dio­pe­pe. A cou­ple of crea­ti­ve minds whom we know ve­ry well

ELLE Decor (Italy) - - Inside Design/ Tessuti - words by Mu­riel­le Bor­to­lot­to — pho­tos by Sil­via Ri­vol­tel­la

The pas­sion of the Co van der Hor­st fa­mi­ly for design has con­ti­nued for four ge­ne­ra­tions. Am­stel­veen, not far from Am­ster­dam, hosts their con­cept sto­re, a true re­fe­ren­ce point for the Dut­ch peo­ple. In­si­de, it pre­sen­ts the mo­st fa­mous in­ter­na­tio­nal brands along­si­de spa­ces de­di­ca­ted to new kit­chen sy­stems, the feel good stu­dio and a ri­ch se­lec­tion of uphol­ste­ry fa­brics. A mee­ting bet­ween the ow­ners and Stu­dio­pe­pe - Arian­na Lel­li Ma­mi and Chia­ra di Pin­to – spar­ked the fa­mi­ly’s de­si­re to re­new the sto­re. The ini­tial re­sty­ling star­ted from the ba­se­ment: to re­new it they de­ci­ded on ico­nic fur­ni­tu­re by Ar­flex, Bax­ter and Cas­si­na, mat­ched wi­th ele­gant pie­ces by Ch­ri­sto­phe Del­court wi­th fur­ni­shing ac­ces­so­ries by Pul­po and Guax and rugs by cc- ta­pis. In the ba­th­room area, they cho­se fur­ni­tu­re by Aga­pe and lights by Ar­te­mi­de and Flos. The walls we­re tran­sfor­med by the de­si­gners to flaunt geo­me­tric and fi­gu­ra­ti­ve de­co­ra­tions, sur­fa­ces wi­th an eme­rald green fi­ni­sh and cur­tains of dra­ped fa­bric. In a row of rooms that can be glimp­sed th­rou­gh the ar­ch­ways and ope­nings crea­ted to show them off, the re­sult is a wel­co­ming, so­phi­sti­ca­ted at­mo­sphe­re that lea­ves the ob­ser­ver spell­bound. Now the­re is a pla­ce in Am­ster­dam in whi­ch to gain in­spi­ra­tion, find ideal ma­te­rials and di­sco­ver con­tem­po­ra­ry fur­ni­tu­re, all in hot pur­suit of the la­te­st in in­ter­na­tio­nal design. Co van der Hor­st, Bin­de­rij 2, Am­stel­veen, The Ne­ther­lands.

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