At Ho­me wi­th the Mil­len­nials

The youn­ger ge­ne­ra­tion and the re­la­tion­ship wi­th li­ving sty­les we­re the fo­cus of ‘ On­li­fe. Mil­len­nials at Ho­me’, our ex­hi­bi­tion for Mi­lan Design Week. He­re we gi­ve you a chan­ce to ta­ke ano­ther look

ELLE Decor (Italy) - - Inside Design/ Tessuti - by Va­le­ria Set­tem­bre — words by Lau­ra Mag­gi pho­tos by Mat­teo Im­bria­ni

The ex­hi­bi­tion- in­stal­la­tion ‘ On­li­fe. Mil­len­nials at Ho­me’, ba­sed on an idea by El­le Decor Ita­lia and inau­gu­ra­ted for MDW 2018, was a hu­ge suc­cess wi­th the pu­blic and cri­tics ali­ke. This hi­gh le­vel of in­te­re­st is at­tri­bu­ta­ble not on­ly to its hi­ghly to­pi­cal the­me lin­ked to li­fe­sty­les of the ge­ne­ra­tions born af­ter 1980, but al­so and espe­cial­ly to its unu­sual in­ter­pre­ta­tion in the th­ree di­men­sions of the ex­hi­bi­tion itself. The pro­ject was cu­ra­ted by Li­via Pe­ral­do Mat­ton, our ma­ga­zi­ne’s edi­tor- in- chief, wi­th ex­hi­bi­tion design by DWA Design Stu­dio, plus sur­pri­sing in­te­rac­tion design ex­pe­rien­ces by AKQA and green con­tri­bu­tions by the land­sca­pe ar­chi­tect Mar­co Bay. We nai­led our set chal­len­ge, whi­ch was to de­ve­lop an in­stal­la­tion that en­ga­ged vi­si­tors per­so­nal­ly in con­ti­nual in­te­rac­tion bet­ween the ana­lo­gic and digital worlds. Th­rou­ghout the ex­hi­bi­tion, in the rooms of eighteen­th- cen­tu­ry Pa­laz­zo Bo­va­ra, sound, vi­sual and tac­ti­le ef­fec­ts, wi­th play­lists and sound­tracks, vi­deos and ima­ges, in­te­rac­ti­ve wall­pa­per, fur­ni­shings and sur­fa­ce wi­th tou­ch- me tex­tu­res pro­vi­ded vi­si­tors wi­th the mo­st fai­th­ful pho­to­gra­ph of how Mil­len­nials li­ve and their re­la­tion­ship wi­th tech­no­lo­gy, ma­de pos­si­ble thanks to pro­fi­ling by Fu­tu­re Con­cept Lab, of whi­ch so­cio­lo­gi­st Fran­ce­sco Mo­ra­ce is co- foun­der and pre­si­dent. The four clu­sters iden­ti­fied ( Di­gi­ta­lNa­ti­ves, 20 to 25 year olds; Li­feS­ha­rers, 25 to 30 year olds, Fa­mi­lyFans, 30 to 35 year olds; and Ho­meCu­ra­tors, over 35 year olds) brought ali­ve the ve­ry or­ga­ni­sa­tion of the ex­hi­bi­tion’s con­cep­tual and di­splay lay­out, tan­gi­bly hi­ghlighting the dif­fe­ren­ces in aspi­ra­tions, needs, li­fe­sty­le and re­la­tion­ship wi­th digital. Af­ter the On­li­fe Gal­le­ry, whe­re a se­ries of vi­deos in­tro­du­ced the re­si­den­ts of the ho­me to vi­si­tors, and the On­li­fe Lob­by, whe­re the re­si­den­ts them­sel­ves wel­co­med guests in their own lan­gua­ges, set­ting the mood by al­te­ring the in­ten­si­ty of the light in the room thanks to in­te­rac­tion wi­th Goo­gle Ho­me, the vi­sit th­rou­gh the Mil­len­nials and their ho­me mo­dels star­ted. Along the way, sight, hea­ring and tou­ch we­re sti­mu­la­ted by mul­ti­sen­so­rial ex­pe­rien­ces, and even smell was arou­sed by ca­re­ful­ly se­lec­ted fra­gran­ces in the dif­fe­rent rooms, whi­le ta­ste was sa­ti­sfied by the me­nu in the re­stau­rant and the bar set up in the cour­tyard of the pa­laz­zo.

At ho­me wi­th the Mil­len­nials — p. 176

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