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ELLE Decor (Italy) - - Inside Design/ Tessuti - by Glo­ria Mat­tio­ni — pho­tos by Gior­gio Pos­sen­ti

Sil­ver­top, one of John Laut­ner’s mo­st fu­tu­ri­stic re­si­den­tial pro­jec­ts. A mo­der­ni­st ma­ster­pie­ce that has been re­no­va­ted wi­th ca­re and re­spect. And al­so a tou­ch of au­da­ci­ty It is cal­led Sil­ver­top and is one of the ma­ster­pie­ces by mo­der­ni­st ar­chi­tect John Laut­ner. The fir­st ow­ner was ty­coon Ken­ne­th Rei­ner, who in 1956 com­mis­sio­ned Laut­ner to rea­li­se his dream, con­tri­bu­ting to the pro­ject wi­th his in­ven­ti­ve abi­li­ty and tech­no­lo­gi­cal ex­per­ti­se, crea­ting fu­tu­ri­stic gad­ge­ts and ve­ry ad­van­ced elec­tri­cal and hy­drau­lic sy­stems whi­ch, com­bi­ned wi­th

Laut­ner’s in­cre­di­ble sen­se of light and form, re­sul­ted in one of the mo­st in­no­va­ti­ve struc­tu­res in exi­sten­ce. Rei­ner was for­ced to sell the hou­se be­fo­re it was fi­ni­shed: it was pur­cha­sed by the Bur­chill cou­ple, who ma­de se­ve­ral chan­ges to the ori­gi­nal vi­sion. In 2014, for­ty years la­ter, Jac­klyn Bur­chill put the hou­se back on the mar­ket. It went to mu­sic exe­cu­ti­ve Lu­ke Wood, who hi­red Bar­ba­ra Be­stor, an emi­nent fi­gu­re from the Ca­li­for­nian ‘ new mo­der­nists’, for the re­no­va­tions. “The main chal­len­ge,” ex­plains Be­stor, “was to tact­ful­ly bring the 21st cen­tu­ry in­to this in­cre­di­ble struc­tu­re and ma­ke it a war­mer ho­me for fa­mi­ly li­fe.” For the fir­st ti­me, Laut­ner ex­pe­ri­men­ted wi­th his cha­rac­te­ri­stic sculp­tu­ral use of mo­no­li­thic ce­ment, built cur­ved glass walls that ope­ned ful­ly on­to ter­ra­ces and gar­dens, fal­se cei­lings to con­ceal me­cha­ni­cal or elec­tri­cal sy­stems and mu­ch mo­re. Be­stor was en­tru­sted wi­th the dif­fi­cult ta­sk of tran­sfor­ming this spa­ce- odyssey- li­ke en­gi­nee­ring in­to con­tem­po­ra­ry func­tio­na­li­ty, mo­der­ni­sing, in the spi­rit of the ori­gi­nal design, what had been al­te­red in the 1970s and com­ple­ting so­me ele­men­ts that had ne­ver been fi­ni­shed. Be­stor’s ‘ di­screet in­ser­tions’ in­clu­de ver­ti­cal­ly- orien­ted cy­press pa­nels in the kit­chen, the ‘ open air’ en­sui­te for the be­droom wi­th re­trac­ta­ble glass pa­nels, the en­lar­ge­ment of the li­ving room ter­ra­ce. And fi­nal­ly, the con­struc­tion of Laut­ner’s “ha­wk’s ne­st”: a wat­ch­to­wer de­si­gned but not yet com­ple­ted.

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