The lively mood of SoHo

A pen­thou­se sur­roun­ded by ter­ra­ces and a to­wer wi­th ex­tre­me­ly tall win­do­ws. The per­fect set for a bril­liant so­cia­li­sing

ELLE Decor (Italy) - - Inside Design/ Tessuti - pho­tos by Max Zam­bel­li — words by Ro­sa­ria Zuc­co­ni

Sim­ply spec­ta­cu­lar. The view over NYC is an eve­ry­day at­trac­tion from the ho­me of fa­mous shoe de­si­gner Brian At­wood and doc­tor Ja­ke Deu­tsch. Their pen­thou­se, wi­th its win­do­ws that rea­ch a height of over 10 me­tres, is sur­roun­ded by spa­cious ter­ra­ces, an open- air li­ving room whe­re Brian and Ja­ke or­ga­ni­se fun par­ties, in­spi­red by the se­ven­ties. “The in­te­rior de­si­gner An­dre Mel­lo­ne hel­ped us to crea­te the per­fect pro­ject for this ex­traor­di­na­ry spa­ce. He gui­ded our re­no­va­tion work and in­te­rior decor to gi­ve the rooms a so­phi­sti­ca­ted, per­so­nal, wel­co­ming feel. The sub­tle co­lour pa­let­te and well- ca­li­bra­ted design fur­ni­shings lend a de­ci­ded­ly thea­tri­cal ro­le to exag­ge­ra­ted dra­pes that em­pha­si­se the height of the cei­lings,” says Brian. He ca­me to Mi­lan in 1996, cho­sen by Gian­ni Ver­sa­ce in per­son. His main design stu­dio is still he­re and, sin­ce 2001, he has su­per­vi­sed pro­duc­tion in near­by Pa­ra­bia­go, wi­th his brand of jewel foot­wear so be­lo­ved by the fa­shion ad­dic­ted and in­ter­na­tio­nal ce­lebs. When Ita­lian qua­li­ty craf­tsman­ship and Ame­ri­can crea­ti­ve flair walk si­de by si­de they go far.

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