Fri­da Esco­be­do

ELLE Decor (Italy) - - ENGLISH TEXT - words by Fran­ce­sca Mol­te­ni — pho­tos by Nin So­lis/Li­ving In­si­de

Crea­tor of the la­te­st Ser­pen­ti­ne Pa­vi­lion in Lon­don, the young de­si­gner in­vi­tes us to her ho­me in Me­xi­co Ci­ty

Fri­da Esco­be­do, a Me­xi­can ar­chi­tect, born in 1979, is the youn­ge­st de­si­gner - the on­ly wo­man after Za­ha Ha­did in 2000 -

com­mis­sio­ned to ma­ke this year’s Ser­pen­ti­ne Pa­vi­lion, a tem­po­ra­ry in­stal­la­tion that oc­cu­pies the gar­den of the fa­mous in­sti­tu­tion eve­ry summer. Fri­da Esco­be­do and her stu­dio had al­rea­dy pro­du­ced tem­po­ra­ry struc­tu­res, like the Pa­bel­lón El Eco in 2010 for the Mu­seum of Mo­dern Art in Me­xi­co Ci­ty or the Ci­vic Sta­ge for the Li­sbon Trien­na­le. But the Ser­pen­ti­ne Pa­vi­lion de­fi­nes two con­cep­ts that are ve­ry clo­se to her way of doing ar­chi­tec­tu­re. “The fact that it is si­te-spe­ci­fic and its tem­po­ra­ry na­tu­re. The pa­vi­lion is lo­ca­ted in Ken­sing­ton Gar­dens but on­ly for four mon­ths, then it is bought by a pri­va­te col­lec­tor and ends up so­mewhe­re el­se in the world, whe­re it be­co­mes per­ma­nent. “It’s a con­tra­dic­to­ry exer­ci­se, in short.” “Ar­chi­tec­tu­re is my lan­gua­ge, I don’t know how el­se to de­fi­ne it. It helps me un­der­stand the world and al­lo­ws me to ex­press who I am.” Fair enou­gh, but who exac­tly is Fri­da Esco­be­do? Born in Me­xi­co Ci­ty, she stu­died at the Ibe­ro-Ame­ri­can Uni­ver­si­ty, ear­ned a Master’s at Har­vard and at the age of 24 she foun­ded her fir­st stu­dio, Per­ro Ro­jo (Red Dog), with her boy­friend. Projects and pri­va­te com­mis­sions be­gan to co­me in. In 2006 she ope­ned her new stu­dio, whe­re to­day the­re are eight people wor­king, and car­ried out re­no­va­tion projects - the Ho­tel Bo­ca Chi­ca in Aca­pul­co and La Tal­le­ra in Cuer­na­va­ca - she won pri­zes and awards.

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