Ever­green com­fort

ELLE Decor (Italy) - - ENGLISH TEXT - by Tamara Bian­chi­ni and Mu­riel­le Bor­to­lot­to — pho­tos by Al­ber­to Stra­da words by Lau­ra Mag­gi

A to­tal ma­keo­ver for Flex­form’s hi­sto­ric sho­w­room in Me­da, al­mo­st six­ty years after it ope­ned. With a focus on ti­me­less ele­gan­ce

“Ar­chi­tec­tu­ral­ly ori­gi­nal in its ex­ter­nal struc­tu­ral li­nes, in­si­de the buil­ding we find an ex­hi­bi­tion of li­ving rooms and de­co­ra­ti­ve pie­ces of fur­ni­tu­re in a phan­ta­sma­go­ri­cal pa­ra­de of co­lours, in a har­mo­niou­sly di­stri­bu­ted play on light, whi­ch crea­tes the warm­th and in­ti­ma­te at­mo­sphe­re of the ho­me.” This is how, on 17 De­cem­ber 1960, the new­spa­per ‘Il Cit­ta­di­no’ de­scri­bed the ‘ex­hi­bi­tion buil­ding’, as it was re­fer­red to at the ti­me, of the Ga­lim­ber­ti bro­thers, foun­ders of Flex­form in 1959 in Me­da, in the heart of what over ti­me be­ca­me the pro­duc­tion di­strict for fur­ni­tu­re par ex­cel­len­ce. To­day, al­mo­st six­ty years after its ope­ning and in its third generation, the fa­mi­ly bu­si­ness with over thir­ty flag­ship sto­res around the world has un­der­go­ne a ra­di­cal ove­rhaul, and from 500 m2 it has ex­pan­ded to 2,000 m2. The ex­hi­bi­tion pre­sen­ts re­cent pro­duc­ts mi­xed with ico­nic pie­ces from the brand, su­ch as the Ground­pie­ce so­fas, the Infinity boo­k­ca­se that co­vers an en­ti­re wall of the con­nec­ting gal­le­ry and the Ce­sto­ne so­fa that is ce­le­bra­ting its ten-year an­ni­ver­sa­ry, all de­si­gned by An­to­nio Cit­te­rio. The new sho­w­room, open to pro­fes­sio­nals and to the ge­ne­ral pu­blic, was con­cei­ved as a place that ex­pres­ses the company’s iden­ti­ty to of­fer vi­si­tors a ve­ri­ta­ble brand ex­pe­rien­ce, whe­re they can di­sco­ver the va­lues on whi­ch the Flex­form phi­lo­so­phy is ba­sed. Its streng­ths in­clu­de being the ex­pres­sion of the craf­tsman­ship and ar­ti­sa­nal sa­voir-fai­re cha­rac­te­ri­stic of the “Ma­de in Ita­ly” con­cept, as well as the ti­me­less ele­gan­ce, com­fort, high qua­li­ty and du­ra­bi­li­ty of its pro­duc­ts.

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