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The work of Pon­ti and the Al­bi­ni- Helg duo is among the sour­ces of in­spi­ra­tion for the fir­st Ita­lian so­lo ex­hi­bi­tion by the ar­ti­st Leo­nor An­tu­nes, ‘ The La­st Days in Gal­lia­te’. On show at the Pi­rel­li Han­ga­rBi­coc­ca in Mi­lan The Pi­rel­li Han­ga­rBi­coc­ca gal­le­ry in Mi­lan hosts ‘ The La­st Days in Gal­lia­te’, the fir­st ma­jor Ita­lian so­lo ex­hi­bi­tion by the Por­tu­gue­se ar­ti­st Leo­nor An­tu­nes. The ar­ti­st pu­shes even fur­ther her re­la­tion­ship wi­th the world of de­si­gn, pre­sent in ma­ny of her works, be­cau­se she is cal­led upon to work in the ci­ty of the Sa­lo­ne del Mo­bi­le. And so, in ad­di­tion to the un­de­nia­ble re­fe­ren­ces to sculp­tu­res, dra­wings and sket­ches of great ar­tists, she dra­ws in­spi­ra­tion from the pro­jec­ts of Gio Pon­ti, Fran­co Al­bi­ni and Fran­ca Helg. It is no coin­ci­den­ce that the ‘ fan­ta­stic yel­low’ that de­fi­nes the ho­ri­zon­tal sur­fa­ce pre­ci­se­ly mi­mics that used by Pon­ti for the floo­ring of the Pi­rel­li sky­scra­per. Ma­ny of the sculp­tu­res on show fea­tu­re clear­ly vi­si­ble re­fe­ren­ces and in­fluen­ces de­ri­ving from cult pie­ces de­si­gned by the Al­bi­ni- Helg duo, su­ch as the ma­ho­ga­ny pil­lars de­si­gned in 1956 for the Oli­vet­ti sto­re in Pa­ris, rein­ter­pre­ted in an over­si­zed ver­sion. “I don’t be­lie­ve in the ori­gi­na­li­ty of a work of art: the real chal­len­ge is to un­der­stand what can be do­ne af­ter all the art that has al­rea­dy been created. So I li­ke to al­lu­de to the work of fun­da­men­tal fi­gu­res, espe­cial­ly when it co­mes to how they we­re able to con­cei­ve and work wi­th spa­ce,” ex­plains An­tu­nes. han­ga­rbi­coc­ca. org

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