By Fran­ce­sca Be­ne­det­to — pho­tos by Al­ber­to Stra­da

New look for Iso­la — p. 127

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Wood floors, ce­ment- in­spi­red walls and con­tra­sting co­lours for a Mi­la­ne­se flo­wer shop. Where suc­cu­len­ts li­ke lit­tle sculp­tu­res, hu­ge plan­ts and ca­re­ful­ly se­lec­ted flo­wers ta­ke t he pla­ce of ho­nour The de­but of Nu­me­ro 9 goes back to the la­te 1990s. Giu­lio Guaz­zo­ni works in a flo­wer shop and An­drea Da­ne­ri is a fa­shion de­si­gner. Du­ring a trip to the Ne­ther­lands they are dazz­led by a new ge­ne­ra­tion flo­wer shop. Bo­th lea­ve their jobs and find a spa­ce in the Iso­la di­strict, where they al­rea­dy li­ve. Their shop, mi­ni­ma­li­st and fil­led wi­th flo­wers is in­stan­tly on eve­ryo­ne’s lips. Part­ner­ships are for­ged wi­th Mi­lan’s mo­st ex­clu­si­ve ho­tels and wi­th lea­ding fa­shion la­bels, in­clu­ding Cha­nel, Bot­te­ga Ve­ne­ta, Tod’s and Sa­fi­lo. In ju­st a few years, Iso­la is en­li­ve­ned wi­th new ope­nings and becomes the su­b­ject of ma­jor chan­ge. Even Giu­lio and An­drea feel the need to re­no­va­te their spa­ce and, to­ge­ther wi­th their ar­chi­tect friends Mar­zio Ca­van­na and Cri­stia­na Giua from MCA Stu­dio, they set about re­sty­ling. Steel gi­ves way to wood, war­mer and co­sier, used for the floor and the furnishings. The full- leng­th bac­kless di­splay win­dow means the in­te­riors can be seen from the street, in­vi­ting bo­th re­gu­lar and new cu­sto­mers to peek in­si­de and di­sco­ver the la­te­st green trends. nu­me­ro­no­ve. it

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