By Va­len­ti­na Raggi and Fran­ce­sca Be­ne­det­to

Cof­fee break — p. 118

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From an exo­tic pro­duct to a drink for the mas­ses to hi­gh craf­tsman­ship. Cof­fee be­co­mes a shared pas­sion, brin­ging roa­ste­ries back in­to vo­gue. But wi­th de­lu­xe qua­li­ty To­day the cul­tu­re of espres­so is chan­ging. The ope­ning of the Star­bucks Re­ser­ve Roa­ste­ry in Mi­lan has tur­ned the spo­tlight on a glo­bal phe­no­me­non that is al­so af­fec­ting Ita­ly: the tran­si­tion to the Four­th Wa­ve. The­re are four wa­ves whi­ch, star­ting from the twen­tie­th cen­tu­ry, ha­ve mar­ked the pe­riods in whi­ch the drink has ta­ken on dif­fe­rent com­mer­cial and so­cial va­lues. To­day we wel­co­me the ad­vent of a new era, one in whi­ch con­su­mers pay at­ten­tion to the en­ti­re pro­duc­tion chain. And so we find hours of queues at the new Star­bucks in Mi­lan to ob­ser­ve the roa­sting of se­lec­ted beans fir­st hand, and the tran­sfor­ma­tion of the ca­fé in­to a mul­ti­func­tio­nal hub, wi­th a ba­ke­ry, pa­tis­se­rie, cock­tail area and shop. “Our mes­sa­ge is ‘ co­me in and stay for a whi­le’, en­joy a 360° ex­pe­rien­ce,” ex­plains the de­si­gner of the Re­ser­ve Roa­ste­ry, Liz Mul­ler. Even roa­sting is cur­ren­tly ex­pe­rien­cing a re­vi­val. “Cof­fee is be­co­ming a way of li­fe. Our vi­sion is to pro­mo­te di­ver­si­ty, ex­cel­len­ce and the cul­tu­re it has crea­ted,” ex­plains Lu­do­vic Ros­si­gnol, co- foun­der of The Cof­fee Fe­sti­val. The event de­di­ca­ted to spe­cial­ty cof­fees was laun­ched eight years ago in Lon­don and will ar­ri­ve at the Pe­lo­ta in Mi­lan ( from 30/ 11 to 2/ 12). “Con­su­mers are be­co­ming mo­re so­phi­sti­ca­ted, loo­king for ar­ti­sa­nal qua­li­ty, ethi­cal­ly- sour­ced and lo­cal­ly- roa­sted beans,” he con­ti­nues. The emer­gen­ce of the pas­sion for spe­cial­ty cof­fees goes hand in hand wi­th the pain­sta­king de­si­gn of the new roa­ste­ries, whi­ch fo­cus on a strong ae­sthe­tic iden­ti­ty. And the­re is al­rea­dy talk of the Fif­th Wa­ve: “Com­pa­nies that of­fer spe­cial­ty cof­fee on a lar­ge sca­le, hal­fway bet­ween the big chains and the small spe­cial­ty ca­fés,” con­clu­des Ros­si­gnol.

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