Words by Fran­ce­sca Be­ne­det­to — pho­tos by Al­ber­to Stra­da

Gym & Chic — p. 133

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In a cour­tyard in the old part of Mi­lan, a gym for pi­la­tes de­si­gned li­ke a sui­te. Ae­sthe­tics of spa­ce and at­ten­tion to de­tail, for tai­lor- ma­de well­being An­na Ma­ria En­sel­mi is the ow­ner of Pi­la­tes Sui­te Bre­ra, an ex­clu­si­ve, wel­co­ming spa­ce in the cour­tyard of a buil­ding in the old part of Mi­lan wi­th whi­ch she in­tends to re­vo­lu­tio­ni­se the con­cept of the gym. Born in Tu­rin, she mo­ved to Mi­lan when she was ve­ry young. She di­sco­ve­red pi­la­tes, be­ca­me a tea­cher and found that she al­so had an en­tre­pre­neu­rial spi­rit. “I wan­ted a spa­ce whe­re I could train wi­thout the an­xie­ties re­la­ted to com­pe­ti­tion and the com­mo­tion ty­pi­cal of tra­di­tio­nal gyms,” she tells us. “Wi­th the wel­co­ming and sought- af­ter di­men­sion of a hou­se or a sui­te.” And it was pre­ci­se­ly in Via Fio­ri Chia­ri that she found what she was loo­king for: an apart­ment co­ve­ring 120 m2 wi­th ex­po­sed beams in a la­te ni­ne­teen­th cen­tu­ry buil­ding. The en­tran­ce is in a small gar­den over­gro­wn wi­th vi­nes and the in­te­riors tell the sto­ry of ano­ther of An­na Ma­ria’s pas­sions: Ita­lian art and de­si­gn from the 1930s to the 1970s. The choi­ce of dé­cor, shared wi­th her friend Ni­na Ya­shar, the foun­der of Ni­lu­far, is sought- af­ter and re­la­xed: a fi­ne 1940s par­ch­ment de­sk, a woo­den arm­chair by Sil­vio Ca­va­tor­ta from 1955, a foo­tstool by Ico Pa­ri­si uphol­ste­red in po­w­der- blue vel­vet. “I tried to com­bi­ne my vi­sion of well­being, func­tio­na­li­ty and sty­le th­rou­gh the com­mon

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