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An eco­no­mic and in­du­strial hub, to­day, Düs­sel­dorf is al­so a hot­bed of art, de­si­gn and ar­chi­tec­tu­re. At­trac­ting ta­lent from eve­ry cor­ner of the world An eco­no­mic, ar­ti­stic and cul­tu­ral cen­tre, Düs­sel­dorf is a pla­ce full of ener­gy. The con­ver­sion of the an­cient port area has gi­ven ri­se to a new ur­ban plan that now hosts works by nu­me­rous in­ter­na­tio­nal ar­chi­tec­ts, this way chan­ging the ci­ty’s iden­ti­ty and ma­king it one of the mo­st im­por­tant cen­tres of con­tem­po­ra­ry ar­ti­stic lan­gua­ges and ar­chi­tec­tu­ral ex­pe­ri­men­ta­tion in Ger­ma­ny. Art It is the ci­ty of choi­ce for ar­tists, ar­chi­tec­ts and de­si­gners: world- re­no­w­ned stars su­ch as Tho­mas Ruff, Tho­mas Stru­th, Be­cher and An­dreas Gur­sky, ex­po­nen­ts of the so- cal­led Düs­sel­dorf School, ha­ve learnt their craft and wor­ked he­re. The Kun­sta­ka­de­mie is one of the lea­ding art in­sti­tu­tions, wi­th a per­ma­nent col­lec­tion fea­tu­ring pie­ces by Beuys, Ri­ch­ter and Sie­ver­ding. The­re are nu­me­rous mu­seums and art gal­le­ries, mo­stly lo­ca­ted in the vi­brant Flin­gern ar­ti­stic di­strict. Ar­chi­tec­tu­re The ci­ty sky­li­ne, whi­ch fra­mes the old ri­ver port, is de­fi­ned by the si­nuous buil­dings by Frank O. Geh­ry, wi­th their steel, brick and whi­te

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